9 Online Therapy Options That Are Affordable & Accessible

Virtual Counseling Choices To Try In Your Own Home

Between your COVID-19 pandemic as well as an downturn in the economy, a lot of us find ourselves more stressed than in the past. But there’s hope to obtain the help we want with remote an internet-based therapy, particularly if face-to-face sessions aren’t possible. Virtual treatments are an accessible, convenient, and adaptable option that gives high-quality support with trained counselors, anywhere and anytime.

“Virtual treatments are an accessible, convenient, and adaptable option.”

We’ve found these web based therapy apps that offer a variety of services for all sorts of concerns, from anxiety to Obsessive-compulsive disorder to marital challenges, so you will find a preferred counselor directly out of your home. Whether you are interested in phone, text, or video options, you’ll find the correct fit for the specific needs.

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1. Better Help

  • Perfect For Individuals, couples, or teens
  • Notable Features Bilingual options, financial help available
  • Cost Range $60-$90 each week (billed every four days)

For tailored, flexible therapy-including limitless access-take a look at BetterHelp. Begin with a customized survey to get the best trained counselors for the unique conditions, then message them anytime, anywhere. You may also plan a live session over phone, tablet, or computer, providing you with a variety of communication options. BetterHelp meets you where you stand. If you’d choose to interact with a Christian counsellor, you are able to explore their partner site, Faithful Counseling.

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2. Talkspace

  • Perfect For Individuals & psychological needs
  • Notable Features Worker assistance programs around, COVID-19 support, psychiatry options, accepts select insurances
  • Cost Range $260-$396 monthly (billed monthly)

With more than millions of users, Talkspace is among the most accessible therapy programs about. Additionally to individual sessions, the subscription-based service accepts select insurance and works together with numerous worker assistance programs and schools. Start messaging together with your recommended counselor immediately through its encrypted platform or plan a live session via video. For individuals most influenced by COVID-19, Talkspace also provides a panic or anxiety management program, discounted subscriptions, and free therapy for healthcare workers.

3. Get back

  • Perfect For Couples
  • Notable Features Choices for individual or couples
  • Cost Range $60-$90 each week (billed every four days)

If you are searching to get back companionship or affection, or have to address some tough relationship issues, Get back is our recommended platform. You may choose to sign up as a person or like a couple, after going for a questionnaire to recognize your shared goals, you will be combined with an authorized counselor. Done mainly through video sessions (and via messages anytime), it’s a personal, flexible option that may help you tackle challenges straight on.

4. Open Path Collective

  • Perfect For Family or group sessions
  • Notable Features Sliding scale, bilingual options, wellness courses available
  • Cost Range $30-$80 per session $59 lifetime membership fee

Open Path Collective, a nonprofit, aims to aid clients who lack medical health insurance or can’t afford typical prices for sessions. For life membership fee, you’ll find affordable therapists in your town who offer online therapy additionally to IRL sessions. Pro tip: If you are searching to see relatives, group, or couples therapy, you are able to usually share one membership fee.

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5. Inclusive Therapists

  • Perfect For BIPOC, LGBTQIA , neuro divergent & disabled communities
  • Notable Features Dedicated to marginalized identities, reduced fee virtual teletherapy
  • Cost Range Varies sliding scale available

Inclusive Therapists is an excellent directory centered on celebrating all identities and talents. This platform centers BIPOC, LGBTIQIA2S , neuro divergent, and disabled communities having a specific concentrate on social justice, liberation, and decolonization. Which means every counselor here continues to be carefully verified to meet the requirements of those communities, and you may expect culturally responsive and supportive feedback with each and every session.

6. Pride Counseling

  • Perfect For LGBTQIA2S
  • Notable Features All identities welcomed
  • Cost Range $60-$80 each week (billed every four days)

For inclusive, accepting, and accommodating therapy, Pride Counseling might be for you personally. Because the LGBQTIA2S community may feel mental health issues at disproportionately high rates, all of the counselors understand LGBTQIA2S support and all sorts of identities are welcome. Whether you have to message your licensed counselor backwards and forwards or wish to schedule sessions, that can be done inside a discrete and cost-effective way.

7. Teen Counseling

  • Perfect For Teens
  • Notable Features Therapists who specialize with teens, application-based communication
  • Cost Range $60-$90 per session (billed every four days)

Teen Counseling offers support to teens ages 13 through 19 searching for specialist help. Utilizing an application, teens can talk to licensed and trained therapists via text, live chat, and video with versatility around scheduling. Counseling is private but be assured the counselor will alert a parent or guardian if the intervention or serious action is needed. Whether you and your teen are battling with bullying, self-esteem, or perhaps an eating disorders, there’s help available.

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8. Virtual Tia Clinic

  • Perfect For Womxn (trans & non-binary individuals welcomed & celebrated)
  • Notable Features Women’s health focus, $1 trial option, accepts select insurances
  • Cost Range $80-$130 per session $15/mo for Tia membership

Tia is really a modern medical platform offering healthcare to deal with everyone, out of your primary health must gynecological care. Additionally to in-person services in NY, CA, and shortly AZ, Tia also offers virtual mental health services with the Virtual Tia Clinic. Tia accepts select insurance coverage from the kind of Aetna, U . S . HealthCare, and BCBS – based on your insurance policy, you might be fully or partly covered. Having to pay out-of-pocket? An intro session is $80 with regular sessions at $130. The $15 fee every month (or perhaps an annual choice of $150) will get you use of its esteemed listing of practitioners, participation with community occasions, and limitless messaging together with your integrative care team.

9. My Counselor Online

  • Perfect For Individuals
  • Notable Features United kingdom-based, centered on cognitive behavior therapy, free consultation
  • Cost Range £60-£120 per session

My Counselor Online, a United kingdom-based platform provides convenient, online therapy starting with a totally free consultation. After meeting your chosen counselor face-to-face, you are able to organize sessions around your schedule, with lots of treatments lasting as much as 12 days. We recommend this platform in case your travel or mobility choices are limited My Counselor Online causes it to be accessible and straightforward to get support.