11 Natural Pet Foods For Your Furry Friend—And 4 DIY Recipes!

Why Natural Commercial Dog Food?

At The Great Trade, we like (okay, we’re obsessed) with this pets. We talk about them at lunch the way in which parents discuss their kids because, well, our pets are our children. Pets bring pleasure into our way of life and elevate our days. Just a little puppy love, the cat cuddle, or perhaps a bunny hop (based on your dog choice) is sufficient to turn a poor day around. We would like the very best on their behalf, which explains why we feed our pets the most effective food to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

“Like us, our pets need nourishment internally, and also the food we provide them with plays a crucial role for the reason that.”

Like us, our pets need nourishment internally, and also the food we provide them with plays a crucial role for the reason that. Regrettably, a lot of the cat and dog food out there’s very processed and full of dangerous ingredients.

“Feeding our pets real food is important,” states Marney Prince around the Happy Dog podcast. An all natural commercial dog food specialist and who owns Alongside, she warns pet proprietors that processed commercial dog food “contains synthetic minerals and vitamins,” which may be dangerous for an animal’s health.

When it comes to ecological impact, there’s debate about animal farming and also the meat utilized in commercial dog food, including by natural and healthy brands (take a look at “Why Sustainability In Commercial Dog Food Protein Matters” to have an expert analysis). That stated, must eating plant-based, it’s thought that meat-free commercial dog food includes a positive ecological impact.

Whether you’re all set to go the vegan route together with your pets, or you are simply following a more and healthier natural formula, these brands have a variety of wholesome and integrative diet options. Or, if you are prepared to get cooking, scroll lower to locate four homemade commercial dog food recipes!

// 11 Natural Dog & Cat Food Brands //

1. Alongside

  • Perfect For Dogs
  • Features Freeze-dried recipes
  • Range Of Products Treats, supplements, dry and wet meals
  • Cost $80/4.5lb bag

Marney Prince founded Alongside after she left her career being employed as a vet tech to pursue holistic diet for creatures. The organization uses eastern food therapy and Ayurveda philosophies to produce customized meals for dogs with a number of different needs.

SHOP Alongside Commercial Dog Food?

2. PetPlate

  • Natural-Pet-Foods-PetPlate
  • Perfect For Dogs
  • Features Personalized, pre-portioned meals
  • Range Of Products Human-grade meals, treats
  • Cost Beginning at $1.50/day

PetPlate checks all the boxes. The company delivers personalized, vet-formulated meals which are created using kettle-cooked USDA meats, fruits, and veggies-and without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. They’re human-grade, calorie-based, and flash-frozen to secure freshness. And they are available in resealable pre-portioned containers!


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3. Nom Nom

  • natural-pet-foods-Nom-Nom
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features Veterinary nutritionist-developed recipes
  • Range Of Products Wet food meals, treats, supplements
  • Cost Custom

Nom Nom your meals are produced by Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, having a concentrate on real, fresh foods. The foodstuff are suitable for both dogs and cats, and Nom Nom has an array of treats and supplements for the pet’s health insurance and durability.

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4. Ollie

  • natural-pet-foods-Ollie
  • Perfect For Dogs
  • Features Personalized meals
  • Range Of Products High-protein wet food
  • Cost Custom

Through Ollie’s personalized meal portal, your canine’s meals are produced particularly on their behalf after which delivered to the doorstep. The foodstuff are created without fillers and produced by animal nutritionists using the freshest and many nutritious ingredients.

SHOP OLLIE Commercial Dog Food

5. V-dog

  • natural-pet-foods-V-dog-vegan-dog-food
  • Perfect For Dogs
  • Features Vegan pet food
  • Range Of Products Dry food and treats
  • Cost $30/4.5lb. bag

If you are a vegan dog owner, you might as well have your dog on-board too. V-dog creates vegan plant-powered treats and dry food that minimizes pet food’s ecological footprint and animal farming impact.

SHOP V-DOG Commercial Dog Food

6. Stella & Chewy’s

  • natural-pet-foods-stella-chewys
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features High-protein, raw farm-fresh meals
  • Range Of Products Frozen, freeze-dried, wet food, treats, supplements, kibble
  • Cost $75/35oz. bag

Stella & Chewy’s sources its ingredients from maqui berry farmers and ranchers enthusiastic about grass-given, cage-free, and farm-elevated. The brand’s food is made from as much as 95 % hormone- and anti-biotic free meats-all sourced from Australia, Nz, The United States, and Europe.

SHOP STELLA & CHEWY’S Commercial Dog Food

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7. Pure Existence Raw

  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features Personalized raw meals
  • Range Of Products Raw wet meals
  • Cost Custom

For the Los Angeles pet proprietors, Pure Existence Raw creates customized raw meals according to your pet’s weight, level of activity, bone preference, breed, and age. Their recipes are formulated for the furry friend’s needs, with a focus on real and raw ingredients.

SHOP PURE Existence RAW Commercial Dog Food

8. Open Farm

  • natural-pet-foods-Open-Farm
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features Human-grade food
  • Range Of Products Dry and wet food, supplements
  • Cost $45-$50/4.5lb. bag

Proteins are Open Farm’s focus when designing quality commercial dog food. The brand’s meat is sourced sustainably from local family farms, and superfoods-like coconut oil, vegetables, and turmeric-are put into every formula.

SHOP OPEN FARM Commercial Dog Food

9. The Candid Kitchen

  • natural-pet-foods-The-Honest-Kitchen
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features Human-grade food
  • Range Of Products Meals, treats, supplements
  • Cost $23/5lb. bag (dog) $57/4lb. box (cat)

We like how transparent The Candid Kitchen is all about where they source ingredients. Together with being dedicated to creating human-grade food, the company creates cat and dog food with wholesome ingredients, like pumpkin and parsley.

SHOP The Candid KITCHEN Commercial Dog Food

10. Canine Natural

  • natural-pet-foods-canine-natural
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features Freeze-dried food
  • Range Of Products Cans, treats, dry food, supplements
  • Cost $123/4lb. bag

Located in Nz, Canine Natural creates in your area sourced and conscious commercial dog food. An in-house animal nutritionist develops these nutritious formulas, including farm-sourced meat, eggs, and fish.

SHOP Canine NATURAL Commercial Dog Food

11. Petcurean

  • natural-pet-foods-Petcurean
  • Perfect For Dogs and cats
  • Features For pets with sensitivities
  • Range Of Products Dry food, meals
  • Cost Custom

We like Petcurean’s pet-first philosophy, and its pursuit to create commercial dog food just like healthy because the food we alllow for our families. Through integrative diet, point about this company’s meals are formulated particularly for pets with nutritional limitations.


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// 4 Homemade Commercial Dog Food Recipes //

Though homemade commercial dog food might feel overwhelming initially, contemplate it a part of your meals prepping for that week. Making your dog’s food could be especially advantageous in case your pet has allergic reactions or health problems.

Frequently, prescription commercial dog food might help signs and symptoms of underlying problems but might also contain dangerous ingredients not benefiting the lengthy-term health of the pet (talk to your vet for more information).

Furthermore, making your dog meals are a sustainable option, because it limits waste as well as your carbon footprint.

1. DIY Homemade Pet Food

Recipe By Damn Scrumptious

A Do It Yourself option made mainly of brown grain, ground poultry, and vegetables, this homemade pet food is perfectly balanced with the nutrients your dog needs. It offers high-quality protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, and efa’s.


2. Homemade Food For Cats With Kidney Disorders

Recipe By Pets4Homes

Kidney issues are prevalent in cats, which two recipes are ideal for both preventative health insurance and like a holistic treatment option. Wealthy in protein and grain, together with vegetables like parsley, these recipes are crucial for cats with kidney problems.


3. Homemade Cat Treats

Recipe By PurelyPets

Looking for a homemade cat treat recipe? We like these sweet DIY cat snacks created using adding nourishment to and cat-loving ingredients, including oatmeal, salmon, and chicken broth.


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4. DIY Dog Treats

Recipe By Grown Within The Forest

These DIY dog treats are a good low-waste option to store-bought dog goodies. Created using only three ingredients-peanut butter, oat flour, and ripe bananas-they’re low-waste and scrumptious for humans too!