Najee Harris Injury Update: What Really Happened to Najee Harris?

Najee Harris Injury Update

In the world of professional football, injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable part of the game. Fans and teams alike hold their breath when a star player faces an injury concern, and such was the case with Najee Harris before the playoff opener against the Buffalo Bills. This article will provide you with a comprehensive Najee Harris injury update, addressing common questions and concerns about the talented running back.

Full Name Najee Jerome Harris
Date of Birth March 9, 1998
Birthplace San Francisco Bay Area
Position Running Back
Current Team Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
College University of Alabama
Height 6 ft 1+3⁄8 in (1.86 m)
Weight 232 lb (105 kg)
Net Worth Estimated $2 to $6 million

What was Najee Harris’s injury concern before the playoff opener?

Before the crucial playoff opener against the Buffalo Bills, Najee Harris had a knee concern that had fans and experts alike on edge. The young running back had been a key player for the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the season, and any injury was a cause for concern.

Thankfully, Harris and the Steelers’ medical staff took swift action to address the issue, ensuring he was in the best possible condition for the big game.

Did Harris participate in practice before the game?

The good news for Steelers fans was that Najee Harris fully participated in practice for the past two days leading up to the playoff game. This was a strong indicator of his readiness and determination to contribute to his team’s success in the playoffs.

Harris’s commitment to his recovery and preparation was commendable and demonstrated his dedication to the team’s playoff aspirations.

Are there any other players on the Steelers with injury concerns?

While Najee Harris was the center of attention due to his injury concern, the Steelers had a few other players dealing with minor issues. Offensive guard Issac Seumalo had a minor concern but was expected to play through it, showcasing the team’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Unfortunately, the Steelers received a significant blow with star linebacker T.J. Watt confirmed out due to a knee injury. His absence would undoubtedly be felt on the defensive side of the ball.

How did Harris perform during his rookie season in the NFL?

Despite the injury scare before the playoffs, Najee Harris had an outstanding rookie season in the NFL. He proved his worth with an impressive 1,200 rushing yards, seven touchdowns, and leading all running backs in receptions with 74 catches.

Harris’s versatility and ability to contribute in both the running and passing game made him a vital asset for the Steelers throughout the season.

What records did Harris set during his rookie season?

Najee Harris’s rookie season was nothing short of spectacular. He tied the NFL record for most catches in a game for a rookie running back, showcasing his receiving prowess. Additionally, Harris became the first Steelers’ rookie to score a rushing touchdown and record 100 yards rushing in his first five games.

These remarkable achievements cemented Harris’s place as one of the most promising young talents in the NFL.


Injuries are a part of the game in professional football, and Najee Harris’s injury concern had Steelers fans holding their breath. However, his dedication to recovery and outstanding rookie season are a testament to his talent and determination. While T.J. Watt’s absence is a setback, the Steelers and their fans remain hopeful that Harris will continue to shine on the field.

For more updates and news, be sure to follow the Steelers closely as they navigate the playoffs.


1. Will Najee Harris be playing in the upcoming playoff game?

As of the latest updates, Najee Harris is expected to play in the playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. His participation in practice is a positive sign for Steelers fans.

2. How has Harris’s performance impacted the Steelers’ offense?

Najee Harris’s outstanding performance during his rookie season has had a significant impact on the Steelers’ offense. His ability to run and catch the ball makes him a versatile threat that opposing defenses must contend with.

3. Are there any concerns about Harris’s long-term health due to the knee injury?

While the knee injury was a concern before the playoff opener, the Steelers’ medical staff has been monitoring Harris closely, and his participation in practice indicates that they believe he is fit to play. Long-term concerns will depend on his recovery and future assessments.

4. How has Harris’s rookie season compared to other rookie running backs in NFL history?

Najee Harris’s rookie season has been exceptional, with record-breaking performances that place him among the elite rookie running backs in NFL history. His achievements are a testament to his skill and work ethic.

5. What are the Steelers’ playoff aspirations with Harris in the lineup?

With Najee Harris in the lineup, the Steelers hope to make a deep playoff run and compete for a championship. His contributions on both offense and defense are crucial to the team’s success.

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