11 Globally-Focused Documentaries That Expand Our Horizons & Educate Us About The World!

Find Out More About The Planet We Reside In

It sometimes can feel like we reside in a world that’s so centered on division, but it’s remember this that, despite language barriers and cultural variations, we’re the same.

That is why we like their list of inspiring films, because they document the great, tragic, and essential things happening all across the globe. Some concentrate on natural splendor and upkeep in our planet others tell the storyline in history, fading cultures, and war-torn metropolitan areas. Nevertheless, many of these documentaries and docu-series inspire community and connection. Each film encourages us to understand more about what’s happening outdoors of the circles and also to support our global neighbors while in need.

So, to grow your understanding and to understand more about the gorgeous places and individuals on the planet, listed here are 11 in our favorite globally-focused documentaries.

1. The Square

Directed and created by female cinematographer and Egyptian native, Jehane Noujaim, The Square informs the storyline from the Egyptian Revolution, starting in 2011, because it has happened behind the headlines. Through personal tales and dramatic imagery, this documentary-released in 2013 and nominated to have an Academy Award-takes us directly into Tahrir Square where we obtain a much deeper knowledge of Egypt’s the recent past and also the conflict between Egyptian activists and also the Muslim Brotherhood.


2. Existence Per Day

After delivering out a worldwide request that people film and submit videos of the day, producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald received over 80,000 clips from people around the world. The end result? An amazing and unifying documentary. An attractive indication from the existence that’s happening all across the globe, this film inspires a feeling of community and oneness.

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3. The Feel Of Silence

A tragic and haunting documentary, Joshua Oppenheimer’s The feel of Silence showcases the painful aftermath from the 1965 and 1966 Indonesian Genocide with the lens of the surviving family. The show, nominated to have an Academy Award and released in 2014, is essential, educational, along with a must-see to understand more about Indonesia and also the results of genocide on the society.


4. Living On A Single Dollar

More than one billion people on the planet are presently living on under one US dollar each day. Occur rural Guatemala, this documentary follows four buddies because they attempt a social experiment, trying to live within the local people for 56 days-working, eating, and living exclusively on a single dollar each day. A watch-opening and inspirational story, this film challenges all of us to understand more about the outcome of currency.


5. Kids Of Future

In India, children influenced by generational poverty are denied use of education, however the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project has attempted to change this. Directed through the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth, Kids of Future follows your way of 5 women because they shoot for a better future in the Shanti Bhavan Boarding School. A 2017 Netflix Original docu-series, the storyline is told in four exciting episodes. You may also offer the work from the Shanti Bhaven Children’s Project here.

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6. Given

Begin to see the world with the eyes of the six-year-old boy because he travels from his home in Hawaii to fifteen different countries together with his family. His quest? To satisfy his ancestral calling of surfing, while researching culture, nature, and also the great big world. A truly breathtaking and brilliant film that reminds us how you can see humanity via a child’s eyes.


7. Tales By Light

Initially airing on National Geographic, Tales By Light is really a docu-series following photography lovers from around the globe because they aim to document disappearing cultures and also the last great wildernesses on the planet. Believing that photographs possess the capacity to inspire change and now we can learn invaluable training from ancient people, these acer notebooks moving and academic. Following a effective first season in 2015, Netflix released season two in 2016.


8. Human Planet

A six-part docu-series filmed during a period of 2 yrs, Human Planet highlights different regions and individuals groups from all across the globe. Created by Discovery Funnel and BBC, this series works as a indication of methods outstanding and ingenious people really are.


9. Sherpa

An essential film about among the world’s most harmful endeavors, Sherpa explains our prime risks involved with climbing Mount Everest, as relayed through the local people and mountain guides. A frightening and questionable film that everybody must see, this 2015 documentary explains the painful, and often deadly, price of Western tourism around the Himalayan communities.


10. Salam Neighbor

Salam Neighbor, meaning “Hello Neighbor,” takes viewers into Syrian refugee camps in which the greatest humanitarian crisis in our era is presently happening. In the creators of just living On A Single Dollar, this timely documentary encourages all of us to determine which help each other as neighbors, regardless of political climate.


11. Fire At Ocean

Premiering in 2016, Fire At Ocean is definitely an Oscar-nominated Italian documentary that brilliantly showcases the ecu migrant crisis-particularly the harmful boat journeys over the Mediterranean And Beyond. A haunting and impressionable film that juxtaposes the refugee disaster with everyday existence around the Italian island of Lampedusa, this documentary is definitely an intimate and heartbreaking portal from the present-day humanitarian emergency.