Monsoon style tips for men: Here’s how to stay on top of your fashion game!

When the monsoon is hammering at your door, you know it is time to change your clothing because you do not want to walk outside in the rain in your jeans, just to come home and spend another quarter of an hour trying to get them off your legs. Rain brings muck, humidity, and a whole host of other fashion faux pas, which is why it’s necessary to switch into an outfit that can withstand the monsoon season. 

It is more important to ensure that your clothing is resistant to perspiration than it is to ensure that it is waterproof during the rainy season. You can get more of your quality fashion wears on Louis Vuitton or Louboutin. The monsoon weather sometimes has high humidity which causes you to get saturated and gives you sweat marks, which are unsightly and unpleasant to look at. Choose light, airy t-shirts and warm cotton shorts or joggers to keep it both functional and fashionable. 

Advice on how guys may maintain their status as fashion front runners throughout the monsoon season includes;


Shorts are still very much on-trend. These high fashion items have made it off the runway and onto the streets, where they can be worn without worry in the rain. Shorts are one of the most comfortable items of clothing that have ever been designed.! 

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is an excellent choice for anybody who does not feel at ease carrying an umbrella in addition to their other gear. You did really hear it correctly! Purchase a water-resistant jacket that is both stylish and functional in order to improve your overall appearance. 

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Waterproof 

If you want to take care of your feet in the same manner that you do the rest of your body during the monsoon season, then you should invest in a pair of shoes that provide enough protection from the water. They are not only practical since they keep the wet off your feet and are pleasant to wear, but they are also attractive and may make you seem trendy if you wear them with the appropriate clothing. Choose crocs that are either black or bright in color since not only are they readily accessible, but they will also protect your feet from the grime that is found on the streets.

Garments Made with Cotton

Cotton is a lightweight fabric that does not stick to your body when it is wet and it dries quickly, which means that it is sanitary and odor free. During the monsoon season, you should make cotton because of these qualities. On a day with plenty of brilliant sunshine, you won’t need much more than a cotton shirt and chinos to look as fantastic as you normally do. Stay away from knits and linens since they have a propensity to shrink when exposed to water, and you could come to regret your selection later. 

Replace your Shoe with sandals or slippers

This rainy season, give your feet some air to breathe by wearing more sandals and sliders, and feel free to experiment with your own style. Slippers and sandals are the kind of footwear that will never let you down, regardless of whether you are going on a long summer vacation or just running to the shop for a few things.

If you want to prevent the misfortune of sliding when it’s raining, you might think about getting some sandals with straps or some sliders that have a decent grip.

Wear Cottons and Linens

During the monsoon, it is more important to ensure that your wardrobe is resistant to perspiration than it is to ensure that it is resistant to rain. The high humidity causes you to feel weary and also bestows the unpleasant gift of sweat patches onto you.

Cottons and linens should be used as often as feasible in your wardrobe. Choose shirts that are light and airy and have cool patterns on them to maintain a trendy and practical look. And to round off your ensemble, use shorts made of cotton or linen for your pants.


T-shirts are an excellent choice for looking stylish while also being suited for the weather at the same time. Invest in a few basic t-shirts so that you can easily transition from the bedroom to the workplace wearing the same thing. You may also create a statement with your collection by including daring graphic t-shirts in it. 

This will help you stand out. If you wear it with a pair of slacks or chinos, you may be able to leave the house in it. Put on a pair of shoes that are really stunning and allow them to do the majority of the talking with the outfit.