Periods, Ideas and Innovation With Miki Agrawal, Founder of THINX!

Meet Miki Agrawal, Founding father of THINX

I had been initially skeptical from the “period panties” brand which was smashing the internet using its taboo-shattering ads. However I had an opportunity to hear THINX founder, Miki Agrawal, share her vision for the organization in a conference in LA a couple of days ago. I immediately purchased some personally and I’ve been converted. I can’t get an adequate amount of this brand or their goods.

THINX messaging is liberating, their is technology a game title-changer (named certainly one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2015), as well as their give-back mission is altering the lives of women all over the world.

A week ago Miki and that i had an opportunity to get caught up and that i could learn more about her inspiration for THINX and just what she’s as much as next together with her two new brands, Icon and Tushy. This lady totally mesmerized me together with her vision to disrupt industries, shatter taboos and transform lives all over the world.

THINX IS MAKING “THAT Duration Of MONTH” MORE BEARABLE For Ladies EVERYWHERE, However Your MISSION Can Also Be TO Smashing The TABOO SURROUNDING The monthly period. WHAT CAME FIRST? Have You JUST Awaken Attempting To SHATTER TABOOS OR Get This To A Part Of Existence Much More Comfortable FOR HALF The Populace?

As women, our periods continue to be interrupting our days. We began to stay silent and also to cope, but it’s absolutely crazy that within this day’s innovation, the hasn’t evolved in 50 plus years. With THINX, we didn’t wish to just create something that works best for women, we desired to break the taboo which has caused the stunting of the profession.

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YOU RECEIVED Lots Of Debate In Early Stages Regarding Your SUBWAY ADS IN NEW You are able to. WHY Do You Consider YOU RECEIVED SUCH PUSHBACK?

The term ‘taboo’ originates from the Polynesian word tapua, which accurately means ‘menstruation,’ inferring that many uncomfortable factor would you discuss is really a woman’s period. It has caused the stunting of the entire industry and most that, it’s disrupting lives all over the world. Over 100 million women within the third world get behind in class due to their periods, forcing most of them to eventually give up. Whenever we started to look at the gender inequality issues women face due to their periods, we would have liked to double lower on these problems.

How’s THINX Trying To ALLEVIATE GENDER INEQUALITIES Within The Third World Using Your Hand Back MODEL?

Instead of supplying menstrual supplies free of charge via a welfare model that may cause reliance on aid or cannibalize local economies, we purchase for-profit companies within the third world that train women to create then sell washable pads. This enables women to buy menstrual products at subsidized prices and remain in class throughout their periods. For every set of THINX under garments offered, some of proceeds is committed to these social enterprises. We have helped one organization scale from 25 employees to 165 and we’re constantly searching for methods to innovate to assist empower women. We are intending to launch a THINX Global Women Clubs where we educate women regarding their physiques as well as their menstrual cycles, in addition to safety skills and finding out how to avoid men. We should also educate entrepreneurship and work with women to finance their ideas.


At THINX, you want to invite men take part in the conversation and also to support women throughout their periods. The womb holds humanity and it is price of recognition and respect. I’d encourage men for everyone women throughout their periods making it as being comfortable as achievable.

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Let Me Know ABOUT ICON – Your Brand-new Under garments LINE For Ladies.

Nearly one in three women experience light bladder leakage. Like the monthly period, el born area has witnessed virtually no innovation for many years. There appears to become a large amount of embarrassment and taboo for this issue too it requires typically 6 or 7 years before a lady even admits to her physician that she’s experiencing incontinence. Women are getting to silently cope with this, feeling united nations-female, united nations-sexy and unmanageable.

Icon’s bikini and hi-waisted under garments can support 15 ml of liquid. Like THINX, Icon under garments is absorbent, leak-resistant, fast drying, and makes women attractive again. For each set of Icon offered, we’re funding fistula surgeries within the third world. Fistulas affect a million moms within the third world who too frequently give birth without use of health care, departing them seriously incontinent unless of course they get a existence-altering procedure.

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America’s toilet culture went essentially unchanged since 1980. It’s no question women constantly are afflicted by urinary system infections and candida albicans. Wiping our butts with paper isn’t precisely the most sanitary factor. Past the sanitary concerns, just one roll of bathroom paper requires 37 gallons water to produce. The typical American uses 57 sheets of bathroom paper each day, that’s the same as Central Park being cut lower each day.

Tushy is really a bidet attachment that clips on and needs no plumbing, and then any idiot can do the installation. It’s the most game altering factor that you can do to possess a simple, gentle spray water cleanup once you. Like THINX and Icon, you want to use Tushy to affect people’s lives for that better within the third world where more than a billion people practice open defecation. Tushy partners with Samagra House to create latrines to communities without that require them, employ people locally to wash and manage the latrines and educate people on their own importance.