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8 Reusable Menstrual Cups & Discs For A Zero-Waste Period!

Zero-Waste Period Products

Within the span a person can have, individuals with periods will discard countless pounds of menstrual products. Today, though, you will find sustainable tampon and pad alternatives, particularly period cups and menstrual dvds, that people may use (and reuse) rather.

Unclear about the main difference between cups and dvds? A menstrual cup sits within the vaginal area underneath the cervix, some dvds squeeze into the fornix (in which the canal and cervix meet). As the menstrual disc could be single-use (though we’ve found a multiple-use option!), it typically holds more fluids, therefore reducing the requirement for other products by 60 %. Both come together with shapes and sizes, but all are simple to insert, remove, and clean-a real win-win.

Want to understand more about what it’s prefer to begin using these products? Take a look at our editor’s knowledge about utilizing a menstrual cup the very first time! If you are not ready to begin with menstrual cups, mind to our roundup of the greatest period under garments or our organic tampons guide.

1. Nixit

  • Standout Feature 100% medical-grade BPA-free silicone
  • Shipping Options Worldwide & in shops
  • Cost $42

Began by Rachael Newton after witnessing sheer levels of waste within the Caribbean, Nixit is made with people and Nature in your mind. Food and drug administration-registered with 100 % medical-grade, BPA-free silicone, this menstrual cup rests at the base of one’s cervix which last as much as 12 hrs. It’s a sustainable, mess-free option that lasts-so that you can nix worries and also the stress.

What Clients Are Saying “Nixit has revolutionized my periods! It never leaks also it does not increase my cramps the way in which other products did.Inches


2. Diva Cup

  • Standout Feature Sizes readily available for teens
  • Shipping Options Worldwide as well as in stores
  • Cost $39.99

For nearly 2 decades, Diva Cup makes periods simpler using its effective and simple-to-use cup. We like the corporation because of its inclusive sizes for teens through individuals who’ve given vaginal birth. Like a certified B Corp that prioritizes people, profit, and also the planet, this brand boasts the right tampon and pad alternative. (And it is among the only brands having a plant-based cleanser to clean your cup.)

What Clients Are Saying “Such an expense-efficient means to fix an issue we can not avoid, the best of this is I can not even feel it.”


3. The Honey Pot

  • Standout Feature Two cup sizes
  • Shipping Options Worldwide as well as in stores
  • Cost $21.99-$22.99

Bea Dixon, founding father of The Honey Pot, desired to create eco-friendly options for individuals who couldn’t use traditional tampons or pads. This menstrual cup will come in two sizes the bigger cup (Size 2) can support 30mL of menstrual fluids lasting as much as 12 hrs. The Honey Pot also gives back by partnering with Happy Period, supplying menstrual kits to individuals in need of assistance.

What Clients Are Saying “I needed a brand new menstrual cup… and that i was very happy to find [this] Black-owned business! Comfortable, sufficient capacity, simple to use, simple to clean.”


4. Cora

  • Standout Feature 10-year lifespan
  • Shipping Options Worldwide & in shops
  • Cost $39

Cora, a courageous leader within the menstrual care space, has been doing it again with this particular beloved menstrual cup that may last for up to and including decade! Engineered by having an intuitive finger indent for simple placement along with a tapered, textured base for simpler removal, the company has possibilities for each type of size, flow, and anatomy. Plus, Cora gives back by supplying menstrual must women in India, Kenya, and also the US. Cleverly designed, this cup constitutes a social and sustainable impact.

What Clients Are Saying “It’s so simple to use due to the grip which last for much during the day, even throughout the heaviest a part of my cycle.”


5. Saalt

  • Standout Feature Choices for sensitive bladders & cervixes
  • Shipping Options Worldwide & in shops
  • Cost $29

Saalt, an authorized B Corp, provides an exclusive type of menstrual cups, including ones for sensitive bladders. They’re super-soft, flexible, and mild and may support four tampons’ price of fluids for up 12 hrs. They age well too Saalt has tested its cups and located that, after 10 years, they continue to be as soft and functional as first use. Made in the united states but available worldwide.

What Clients Are Saying “The softer silicone is really ideal for someone who is vulnerable to cramps. I’m also really pleased to support a business that’s a certified B Corp, uses minimal packaging, and positively works towards achieving period equality.”


6. Flex

  • Standout Feature Offers menstrual cups & dvds
  • Shipping Options USA & Europe as well as in stores
  • Cost $12.99-$34.99

Flex is dedicated to choice and freedom: the organization offers multiple-use menstrual cups in 2 sizes (created using a variable pull tab at a lower price mess!) and single-use dvds that traverses other period alternatives. On top of that, the disc starter package provides the choice to refill your supply on the recurring basis. We discover it’s optimal for individuals coping with endometriosis, PCOS, or struggling with heavier periods.

What Clients Are Saying “My period ruled my existence… I did previously plan my existence around it. The Flex Cup would be a game-changer. Now I forget that I’m on my small period!”


7. Lena Cup

  • Standout Feature Voted #1 best beginner cup
  • Shipping Options Worldwide & in shops
  • Cost $24.90

Intrigued by menstrual cups but unsure how to start? Lena’s Menstrual Cup was named the main best beginner cup, noted for its tampon-like insertion and versatile fit. Utilized by people of every age group, it sits sealed between your vaginal walls to prevent leakage. This era cup is even shipped for you in sustainable packaging produced from recyclable paper and vegetable-based inks.

What Clients Are Saying “This cup is honestly the very best cup I’ve used to date… I like how flexible the stem is also it sits easily too!”


8. Lumma

  • Standout Feature Multiple-use menstrual disc
  • Shipping Options Worldwide shipping
  • Cost $45

Some menstrual dvds are suitable for single-use, Lumma’s UNIQUE Disc (alongside their menstrual cup) is really a multiple-use option obtainable in three sizes, according to your flow and cervix height. Outfitted having a silicone string along with a completely round rim, the disc is easy to use-it can also be worn during intercourse. This disc also had a shoutout on Place A Cup Inside It, a well known publication focused on menstrual education.

What Clients Are Saying “Perfect material, great cost, and also the only company to provide different disc sizes.”