How To Care For Your Mind & Body Each Week Of Your Menstrual Cycle!

Become Familiar With Your Monthly Flow

Understanding our menstrual cycles can occasionally feel overwhelming or confusing. This is often particularly true should you experience irregular periods, if you’ve just were built with a baby, or maybe you’re dealing with early menopause. But by researching our physiques as well as their specific needs, we are able to better learn how to take care of ourselves throughout the whole in our menstrual period, not only during flow.

Below, we’ve damaged lower an average menstrual period-though it’s remember this that lots of internal and exterior factors may influence the monthly period, and for those who have concerns regarding your period, we advise talking to your physician. Hopefully, this overview provides you with a far more extensive understanding of what to anticipate, in addition to how you can love your mind and body before, during, after your period.

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Week One: The monthly period

Your period week marks the beginning of your cycle (days 1 – 7). The monthly period is the body shedding the uterine lining which was developed when preparing for pregnancy. There’s lots of “by helping cover their that old as well as in using the new” happening-both psychologically and physically during this period.


Stay tuned for your physical needs, and check out a few of the following remedies for relieving any aches or pains:

Have a Clary Sage oil-infused bubble bath. Clary Sage might help balance hormones and soothe the cramping connected with menstrual flow. Rub it directly on the skin utilizing a carrier oil.

  • For convenient relief, make use of a heating pad for comfort and warmth.
  • Try these yoga poses for when you’re menstruating. Meditate and choose walks, remembering to breathe.
  • Eat more fats, proteins, dark eco-friendly veggies, and chocolates!

Drink warm beverages produced from herbs for overall comfort and balance. There are several great recipes to make soothing period tonics on Mind Body Eco-friendly.

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For The Mental And Emotional NEEDS:

Many people may feel a far more prolonged Premenstrual Syndrome Or Pms phase, making the beginning of their period a bit more foggy, moody, and psychologically draining. Others can experience an instantaneous increase of one’s on the very first day of bloodstream flow because of the spike in oestrogen levels and “feel-good chemicals.” For the finish of the period (days five to seven), begin to feel more in sync using the world surrounding you. This is due to the reduced amounts of progesterone.

  • Concentrate on creative projects or interact with family members.
  • Notice what bodies are requiring emotionally during this period-it might be that you’ll require extra love and downtime, or you might want to escape in to the world.

Week Two: The Follicular Phase

The body begins to rebuild the endometrium wall and prepares for that discharge of an adult egg in the ovaries. Also, your oestrogen and testosterone levels are rising.


You’ll observe that you are feeling similar to yourself during this period. The body has lost a few of the excess water weight that it could have used on your period, causing you to feel less bloated. Any hormonal acne has retreated, and you’ll notice the skin is glowing.

  • A great time to leave and mingle with buddies and family. If you are single, this may be an excellent time for you to date.
  • Permit exercise and much more cardio, but don’t exaggerate it.
  • Still get sleep, drink plenty of water, and take some time for the to-do lists.
  • For The Mental And Emotional NEEDS:
  • Psychologically, you’re feeling well informed, motivated, and overall more energized. Funnel that focus.
  • Allow space for creating or finishing projects.

The spike of oestrogen may cause lots of energy and result in anxiety otherwise monitored, so maintain intentional breath-work out on another overwork yourself.

Week Three: Ovulation

This is actually the optimal time for you to conceive, which makes it crucial allowing you to connect using the body and knowing when you should practice safe sex. If you are looking to get pregnant, allow the magic happen!

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What’s fascinating relating to this phase is, although it lasts 5 to 7 days, an egg is just released on a single day. Many menstruating individuals will feel cramping within the ovaries (either around the left or right), that is a sign that the egg has been released in to the fallopian tubes. It remains there for twenty-four hrs, awaiting a sperm. Otherwise fertilized, it dissolves (our physiques are perfect)!

Since this is the perfect here we are at pregnancy, there’s typically a rise of libido because of the greater amounts of testosterone. You might feel motivated to put on sexier clothes. You may even feel drawn to the pheromones of others.

  • A great time for you to enjoy scented candle lights and essential oils.
  • Take now to recognition yourself.
  • For The Mental And Emotional NEEDS:

Regardless if you are at the start or finish of ovulation, you should be psychologically conscious of where you’re at inside your cycle. When you are feeling extra flirtatious, recognition that, and when you’re feeling a bit more confident, liven up! Do whatever enables you to have the best, and recognition the body.

Remember that, for the finish of ovulation, libido levels can drop because of greater amounts of progesterone. This could bring lower levels of energy and fewer libido. This phase is known as pre-PMS and may cause some moodiness.

Remember, bodies are dealing with a great deal in this phase, so be extra gentle on your own and permit here we are at rest.

Week Four: Luteal Phase

After ovulation, the rise of progesterone helps with the uterine lining thickening to produce a nest for any potential embryo to create. If there’s no fertilized egg, your oestrogen, testosterone, and progesterone will decrease, which may cause some significant fluctuations in your body.


This phase could be a real challenge both physically and psychologically. However, the good thing is that there’s an increase in libido again during this period. This spike can sort out a few of the not-so-enjoyable mental and physical signs and symptoms. Physically, if you notice some hormonal breakouts, breast tenderness, and fatigue.

Concentrate on getting lots of sleep and reduce a lot of social commitments.

Make healthy meals and then exercise as that may help with balancing moodiness, in addition to assist with physical discomfort through the week.

For The Mental And Emotional NEEDS:

Talk to the folks surrounding you regarding your signs and symptoms so you do not feel alone. Realize that case area of the process inside your body’s rejuvenation.

Enjoy quiet moments alone during this period to see and journal. Practice saying, “I really like you, body” a great deal.

Begin a gratitude journal during the night prior to going to rest to stay inside a condition of positivity.

If you think signs and symptoms of depression or sadness, achieve to individuals your existence or perhaps a counselor. We like these web based therapy choices for accessible support.


In a perfect world, we’re able to rest and become alone throughout the harder times of our cycles. However, a lot of us lead busy lives, there might not continually be time for you to relax, journal, or take baths. Similarly, there’s still lots of period shame happening, and that’s why it’s much more important we discuss the monthly period which help break the stigma.

May we pay attention to what our physiques need, practice the innate intuition that we’re gifted with, and become gentle without ourselves-regardless of how our cycles look.