Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Menu With Prices | How Much is Menchies

Menchie’s Iced Natural yogurt is famous for frosty yogurts and cakes. But when you have a look at their channels, to consider their current menu. So in this post, let’s have a look at their latest menu.

Menchie’s Frosty Fat free yogurt is known for its outstanding and revolutionary list. Their food selection may include low-fats, gluten-totally free, no carbohydrates additional and dairy products-free of charge iced delicacy methods. They have vegetarian options like Darkish Candy Mousse made from Almond Milk. They are also very reasonably priced mainly because they bill you $.51 for every ounce.

But Menchie’s Freezing Yogurt selection isn’t the single thing I will indicate outlined in this article. I am going to also inform you of the franchising facts, details and then the vitamin and mineral break down with the objects existing at the Menchie’s Iced Natural yogurt food selection. Let’s check out some history about Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, before knowing all this.

Menchie’s Iced Natural yogurt is surely an Us citizen iced fat free yogurt chain which was established by Adam and Danna Caldwell in May likely 1971. The first retail outlet of Menchie’s Iced Fat free yogurt was launched in Los Angeles. The manufacturer is renowned for its frozen yogurts.

Menchies Freezing Natural yoghurts Menus Rates

Menchie’s Iced Yogurt food list includes many frosty yogurts. This includes frequent, non-overweight, vegan, and gluten-complimentary frosty yogurts. You can have all all these yogurts along with your popular toppings.

Their freezing yogurts exist in numerous variants, similar to vintage vanilla flavor, many, fruits and herbs more. You can also make your personally own frozen natural yogurt at Menchie’s. There are numerous of toppings and flavors to pick from.

For what reason their freezing yogurts are popular is due to the top-high quality substances that Menchie’s use in their low fat yogurt. The Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt selection prices are incredibly economical when they charge you $.51 for each ounce.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt menu with prices.

Frozen Yogurt

Large Yogurt $11.99
Medium Yogurt $8.99
Small Yogurt $5.99

Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt

Extra Small Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt (4oz) $2.99
Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt(Up to 32 oz) $8.99

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Frozen Yogurt Cakes

8″ Round Happy Birthday Cake(Vanilla) $34.95


Bottled Water $2.00


Gatorade $2.99
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