Meghan Markle has never worn these royal-approved earrings!

Meghan Markle frequently conveys messages through her jewellery, including some gorgeous pieces she inherited from Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s late mother in law.

Previously, she’s worn ethical jewellery brands, necklaces honouring her children, in addition to butterfly earrings owned by Diana, which she used on her behalf tour of Australia, her first official assignment like a married royal.

Only one think you will not have experienced her put on are gem earrings, an adjunct that’s beloved by other royal women, including Kate Middleton, Camilla and also the Queen.

Actually, she only used them once, during her first solo engagement after joining the royal family.

Jewellery expert Sarah Buck told The Express, ‘As far as I’m aware the only real bit of gem jewellery worn by Megan Markle is a set of gemstone and gem earrings gifted to her through the Queen on her first solo appointment. Hardly a big surprise as Meghan is a superb supporter of youthful fashion-brought American/Canadian designers with trends which are more towards large colourful gemstones.’

So it might be lower to non-public preference, because the Duchess of Sussex does favour more contemporary pieces.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge frequently wears pearls, such as the gemstone and gem drop earrings she used on her 40th birthday portrait, which belonged to Princess Diana.

The Queen also loves the valuable stone, and it is frequently spotted putting on a 3-strand gem necklace with matching earrings.