6 Essential Books On Meditation & Mindfulness For Beginners

“The present moment may be the only time that we’ve dominion.”

Meditation and mindfulness are ancient traditions rooted in Eastern spirituality. Now, people all over the world are curious to understand more about these practices. Particularly in Western societies, individuals are craving peace and groundedness amongst fast-paced lives and busy schedules.

Prepared to get began by yourself mindfulness journey? These books are ideal for beginners! We encourage readers to search out sources concerning the ancient Eastern traditions of mindfulness and meditation growing respect for that practices. While they’ve been modified for modern society, it’s remember this these practices are even more than buzzwords or current fads. Readings from Thich Nhat Hanh are a good starting point!

1. The Miracle Of Mindfulness

Author Thich Nhat Hanh

Compiled by the revered Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet and peace activist, and global spiritual leader, The Miracle of Mindfulness: Introducing the concept of Meditation is the greatest mindfulness guide for novices. While initially printed in 1999, it remains probably the most celebrated and broadly known meditation guides available on the market.

Cost $15, or order secondhand

2. Start Where You Stand

Author Meera Lee Patel

This vibrant and calming journal is the best summary of mindfulness. Meera Lee Patel, a Nashville-based author, noted for her hands-lettering and success like a stationary artist, invites readers into self-exploration and conscious practices through vibrant imagery, inspirational quotes, and interactive prompts with space for journaling.

Cost $16, or order secondhand

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3. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Author Shunryu Suzuki

A late Japanese priest from the Soto lineage, Shunryu Suzuki, continues to be known as the real founding father of Zen in the western world. He founded both Bay Area Zen Center and also the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and authored multiple books about mindfulness and meditation. For first-timers, we advise beginning together with his classic Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.

Cost $19.95, or fewer secondhand

4. Real Life Mindfulness For Novices

Author Brenda Salgado

Real Life Mindfulness for novices includes expert guidance from leading meditation teachers within the U . S . Readers will discover that chapters are targeted at daily struggles and challenges and incorporated exercises that address topics like stress, grief, anger, and much more. This book is an excellent introduction for individuals who’re just beginning their conscious living and meditation journey.

Cost $14.99, or order secondhand

5. The Headspace Help Guide To Meditation & Mindfulness

Author Andy Puddicombe

Created by Andy Puddicombe, an old Buddhist monk and founding father of Headspace-the world’s largest online meditation platform-The Headspace Help Guide To Meditation & Mindfulness has one goal: that each person would take ten minutes each day to become present and conscious.

This phenomenal guide encourages strategies to help readers be conscious in each and every section of existence-for example in relationships, at the office, even though eating.

Cost $16.99, or fewer secondhand

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6. I’m Here Now

Author Alexandra Frey & Fall Totton

I’m Here Now is an excellent book to jumpstart your trip to daily mindfulness. Using its simple instructions, hands-on creative activities, and space for journaling, it’s a deliberate and practical help guide to learning conscious living. It’s also probably the most broadly accessible because it is obtainable in 19 languages.

Cost $17, or fewer secondhand