Marilao Mayor Accident [2022] All Details Here

Check out all of the Marilao Mayor Accident are accountable to uncover the reality regarding the incident and it is cause. Continue studying and as much as us.

Are you aware concerning the incident which happened between Bulacan’s mayor? Bulacan? Otherwise, keep in contact to all of us and discover every detail relating to this tragic incident. This news channels within the Philippines are flooded with tales from the accident of Bulacan’s Mayor where he lost his existence. The tragedy was very heartbreaking for that city, and also to discover the specifics relating to this tragic incident, continue reading. Marilao Mayor Accident, keep studying the story before the finish.

Brief around the Mayor’s Ricardo Silvestre’s Vehicle Crash

The mayor of Bulacan Ricardo Silvestre died at 65 years of age within an accident on the highway on October ninth the ninth of October, Sunday mid-day. He was involved with an accident together with his secretary Rodel Alcantara in addition to his driver who had been driving the black Toyota Land Cruiser. The automobile was driven by his driver. The vehicle collided using the accident within Clark Freeport.

Based on reports, the vehicle struck the electrical publish , also it could move leftward. The incident am dangerous the electrical wire was moved from its original location and also the front portion was seriously broken.

Mayor Marilao Bulacan

The incident happened at Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and the secretary throughout the incident. Based on officials, the motorist might be asleep during the time of the automobile struck the street. But, the 3 of these were transported by ambulance to Medical City Clark, where Ricardo Silvestre died. Sonja Silvestre’s daughter has confirmed the data. Even though the driver and the secretary are hurt within the crash They are safe.

A. Daniel Fernando from the Bulacan Government is deeply grieved over losing Silvestre. To find out more concerning Marilao Bulacan Vice Mayor, feel the article before the finish.

Roads really are a hazardous location that has brought to a lot of deaths through the globe. Therefore, motorists are continually expected to be careful while driving. However, you will find individuals who die due to the negligence of another person or of one of these. Therefore, we highly recommend that everybody drive gradually and very carefully.


The mayor of Bulacan Ricardo Silvestre met by having an accident around the Sunday of October 9 together with his secretary. Silvestre died. Even though the government bodies didn’t provide any causes of the incident they mentioned the driver may be asleep within the vehicle. For additional info on Bulacan accidents, click the link.