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Looking for trained puppies for sale? Find out what to watch for here

Buying and having a puppy is an exciting experience. Research studies show that interacting with puppies facilitates the release of the serotonin hormone, which is responsible for stabilizing our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. However, it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Having a puppy is a commitment that comes with responsibilities. It’s even a bit more difficult if the puppy isn’t trained.

Therefore, it is everyone’s preference to purchase a trained puppy. For puppies to be trained, they have to undergo an advanced training program that lasts from 4 to 6 months. After the training, there will be a distinctive difference between an untrained puppy and a trained puppy for sale. See more how to train maltipoo puppies for sale near you.

This article helps you understand the signs of whether a puppy is trained or not.

Signs of a trained puppy

Walks easily on a leash.

Conventionally, puppies are very playful; therefore, it is hard to contain them on a leash. If it is an untrained puppy, you will find yourself pulling the puppy, or at times it pulls you around. This is not the case for trained puppies, as they are taught how to walk calmly and securely on a leash.

Socializes with people and other humans.

When you look for a trained puppy for sale, you need to investigate how they socialize with their surroundings. This is because as you purchase the puppy, you do not intend to keep it indoors entirely. When you take it out for a walk, you want it to be friendly to strangers and other puppies- not a threat. Therefore, since you will be a stranger for the first time, you will expect a trained puppy for sale to have minimal or no aggression towards you.

Shows obedience.

Ultimately, dogs are trained so that they can obey their owner’s commands, which in turn strengthens the human-animal bond. Additionally, the obedience commands will help combat behavioral problems. Some of the common obedience commands you should investigate include;

  • This command is essential since it trains your dog to be calm and easier to control.
  • This command comes in handy when you lose the dog’s leash or it accidentally gets off your hand in public.
  • This helps you have your dog under control so that you can attend to other things.
  • This command helps to put your dog under a submissive posture
  • Leave it. It helps prevent the puppy from picking unnecessary items.

Uses a crate appropriately.

Crates are a safe and secure cage for puppies to stay in for a short while. Crates can also be used as a transportation means for puppies for sale. Under the crate, a trained puppy will adapt to the schedule and learn to only potty during bathroom breaks. Additionally, trained puppies for sale will get used to staying inside the crate and only get out when you allow them to.


It is delightful to have puppies around your house. However, it is even better if the puppy is properly trained. By observing the signs mentioned in this article, you will distinguish untrained and trained puppies for sale, so you won’t fall for dishonest breeders.