Let’s Anifurry Show You How to Prevent Faux Fur Blankets from Shedding!

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Although they can be adorable, fuzzy blankets aren’t always the simplest to keep clean. It’s common for blankets, whether real or synthetic, to shed and pill with time, especially if you wash them frequently or store them in less-than-ideal circumstances (i.e., in high humidity).

Some of the best faux fur throw blankets can be found at Anifurry. The finest methods for preventing faux fur blankets from shedding will be covered in this post, allowing you to continue to enjoy its plushness without any additional fuzziness.

What Causes Faux Fur Blankets to Pill and Shed?

Because faux fur blankets are comprised of acrylic fibers, they shed and pill. A synthetic, artificial substance that mimics the texture of animal fur is called faux fur. Because acrylic fibers are made of refined petrochemicals, washing them won’t properly comb or clean them.

Fluffy carpets may begin to shed and pill for a variety of reasons, such as excessive strain placed on the fabric while washing, fabric shedding, or goods just aging with time.

Wash synthetic fur rugs as little as possible and at a low temperature to avoid shedding and pilling. The easiest approach to prevent fuzzy blankets is to simply lower your washer’s settings and just use cold water.

Low temperatures both make it difficult to remove dirt and assist minimize shedding. Therefore, add some vinegar or oxygen bleach and maintain the water temperature below 100 degrees Fahrenheit while washing fluffy blankets (38 Celsius).

Wash in smaller quantities so that there aren’t too many fabric sheds in your machine. Avoid using fabric softener as well because it can coat the fur with an oil and cause the fabric to shed.

After washing your blanket, dry it on low heat only to avoid trapping heat between individual fibers, which could cause them to lose their fluffiness.

Is Anifurry Legit or Scam?

Anifurry is a legit website that sells fake fur throw blanket. The color and characteristics of faux fur blankets take inspiration from animals, for example, the white blanket takes aspiration from white polar bears, the pink comes from flamingos.


Still, have doubts or concerns? Turn to Anifurry, and you can find the best faux fur blanket.