Learn Everything There Is to Know About the Google Nest Audio!

In order to compete with Amazon’s Echo gadget, Google introduced its first smart speaker in 2016, the Google Home. Since that time, both businesses have introduced several smart gadgets and expanded their voice assistants, creating a platform that millions of people now utilize.

In comparison to the previous Home Speaker, Google’s new smart speakers such as the Nest Audio, contain several interesting features. In reality, the entire design has been altered, yet it still resembles the other fabric-wrapped Google Nest speakers.

Google Assistant can answer all types of questions, even if they are regarding how to move a stove. Instead of only emphasizing how Google Assistant can help you find answers to all of your concerns, Google Nest Audio is demonstrating how wonderful and distinctive this voice-activated device sounds.

When touched, this Nest Audio feels incredibly tall and weighty. Whatever your opinions of smart speakers are, the Google Nest Audio is a second-generation smart speaker that should never be mistaken for an air freshener.

The exterior of Google Nest Audio is just coated in a plastic cloth that has been recycled, which makes the wholly unique design even more remarkable. Here is our review of the Google Nest Audio, just for you!


The dimensions of the Google Nest Audio are similar to those of a house brick turned upright. Despite this, it has a much more soothing appearance. Apart from a little button at the back that turned off voice pick-up, there are no settings or branding visible on the device.

Until you start commanding it with “Hey, Google!”, the Nest Audio is so unassuming that it simply blends in with your home’s decor. As long as they are all compatible with Nest Audio, you can use them to control every smart home device you have.

Given the current state of global warming, Nest Audio’s enclosing 70% recycled plastic content is quite astounding and thought-provoking. Three capacitive touch buttons on this smart speaker allow users to pause and resume music as well as adjust the volume.

It is crucial to understand that Google Nest Audio requires a power outlet to function. Therefore, you should reevaluate its placement if you want it to sit on your coffee table and do not want to worry about tripping over a power connection.


There is no need to be concerned if you have never used a Google gadget because Google Home devices are simple to set up. Just connect the Nest Audio and complete all the instructions in the Google Home app.

The smart speaker quickly finds the Wi-Fi and even recognizes your Spotify Premium subscription. Additionally, it immediately adopts its new name to avoid confusion and easily assumes its location within the house.

For example, by asking “Hey Google, play…”, you can access streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and a lot more of such services. Additionally, it features Chromecast built-in, enabling you to cast tunes from your preferred streaming app on your smartphone to Nest Audio with only two clicks.

Voice pick-up is another excellent Nest Audio function. Even with music playing, Google answers as truthfully as feasible, which is obvious.


In comparison to the Google Home speaker from 2016, Google claims that the Nest Audio is not just 75% louder but also has 50% more bass. In other words, a single smart speaker gives you access to significantly improve and room-filling audio.

In fact, the Nest Audio is ideal for listening to podcasts and works fantastically as background music while you’re preparing a new recipe. When it responds to your wishes, it is pleasurable and trustworthy.

To obtain a sense of the sound quality of Nest Audio, try listening to a variety of songs from various musical genres. Additionally, you might receive weather and news updates to experience how it sounds coming from a smart speaker.

Final Thoughts

The Google Assistant is incredibly capable of answering the majority of your questions correctly and letting you control every smart home gadget from a single interface. Additionally, it contains a voice-matching mechanism that provides users with responses tailored to their voice. Watch here and watch more about Google nest compatibility.

This is one feature of Nest Audio that makes it so alluring because it contains Google Assistant. Additionally, thanks to its three microphones, it will always be able to hear you above background noise, regardless of how loud it is.

We have concluded that Nest Audio is simple to use and will satisfy your need for information. Additionally, it plays music, which checks off every box for music-lovers as well.

The Nest Audio is the smart speaker for you if you are looking for one that can handle all of your fundamental smart device requirements. We wholeheartedly endorse this because it is reasonably priced and has amazing sound quality.