Lead With Empathy: Our Experience At The Heart Series 2018!

Social Impact Begins With Us

We’d the chance to go to The Center Series February 15 & 16 within the beautiful town of Manhattan Beach, CA. We ready for each day of panels, networking and discussion. Then, we rapidly recognized this was greater than a conference and much more just like a 2 day retreat. An immersive chance to learn, diving deep in to the incredible innovation being formed by a lot of our generation’s leading social impact companies.

Authentic communication and transparency may also be lost within our realm of technology and social networking. Because social impact begins with people, we left The Center Series feeling like our mind and heart were inside a new host to awareness, among what the world is applying to leverage technology and exactly how it connects us.

A lot of our favorite brands and firms symbolized incorporated:

Soko: this hand crafted jewellery company uses technology to “knit together” human & tech, using their development of the things they call a “virtual factory” giving the artisans who produce the jewellery, the liberty to become their very own CEOs and community leaders.

Wayfarer: we discovered this media company creating content focused on opening conversations with individuals of walks of existence. Clients meet to inspire real conversations around real issues.

SoulPancake: another our favorites and the other fellow media company, concentrate on digging just a little much deeper in to the human experience. Throughout the conference, certainly one of their people brought us within an activity all around the exchange of empathy-let’s just say tears were shed

Beautycounter: i was excited to discover this skincare company’s initiatives to alter the dangerous things that are aloud in makeup. Their mission would be to empower women to visit congress and fight for transparency and also the banning of certain dangerous ingredients.

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5 Key Takeaways In The Heart Series

There is a lot incredible information and galvanizing ideas throughout the conference that people had to take a few time for you to digest and type through what resonated around probably the most. Here are the five most impactful takeaways to hold around.

1. Leverage Technology For Transparency

We loved talking with Take advantage of Michalak- Global Director of Ben & Jerry’s who spoke about the significance of creating standards around transparency. Particularly held inside the moving areas of a company. In discussing their dairy standards he stated “happy maqui berry farmers, happy workers, happy earth.” We loved talking with Natalie Ebel in the non-profit Pencils of Promise, who’re leveraging technology and transparency by utilizing Virtual Reality to speak the large picture story behind what they’re doing for that world.

This appeared to become a theme within the conversations that people transported using the various attendees who found the conference. We found that inside the arena of social impact, there’s the general desire transparency to become extremely important inside an organization because in the finish during the day, it is exactly what we’re fighting for.

2. Remember Humanity In Most That People Do

It’s very easy to forget, when creating a brand or scrolling through social networking, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of real people living a parallel existence much like our very own and now we are intrinsically connected. Farhoud Meybodi of Wayfarer stated: “we live in a period of true engagement, a 2 way conversation.” When talking on the significance of engagement online by creating community. He adopted that by saying “this is when we help remind the viewer of humanity.”

“We live in a period of true engagement, a 2 way conversation.”


This idea was broadly discussed in the manner nonprofits, social impact media companies and tech the likes of SoulPancake, Team Rubicon and Bumble are putting a lot of focus on their overall types of humans first. It had been especially relocating to hear a few of the tales about how exactly these brands are diving deep to their brand community. For example Team Rubicons type of dealing with veterans to coach them in primary volunteer work during disasters.

3. Employ Courage & As They Are Thinking

Most of the founders from the companies symbolized in the Hearts Series told tales from the courage it required to begin, not just a company, however a company with deep rooted values. It had been interesting to listen to about a few of the challenges which were faced in receiving funding or overall respect from individuals who maybe did not know very well what their business goal was. Our favorite online natural grocers Thrive Market, spoke concerning the difficulties confronted with receiving funding which within the finish they switched to influencers with shared values to produce their initial funding. What moved us probably the most was the “never back down” mentality to get the key messages out in to the world.

4. Interact With More youthful Generations

We loved the discussions surrounding just how much we are able to leverage youth in gaining grassroots marketing to develop companies. The youth nowadays are tech savvy, looking forward to innovation and wish to be engaged, especially with regards to global impact.

I was inspired incidentally information mill involving youth within their business, like Serengetee using students his or her ambassadors to produce content and tell others there. The organization Stoked was began by a business owner who had been so inspired through the mentorship he received attending college, he made the decision to begin their own non-profit program that mentors youth through snowboarding and skateboarding.

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5. Lead With Empathy

This seems like a smart choice however in a global full of different opinions and deep rooted challenges we discussed the significance of residing in empathy through the way you are contacting each other. Not just like a brand but because consumers, exactly how should we listen nearer to each other? This falls perfectly in-line using the shared values to do great for the earth and individuals through products and systems. Gwendolyn Floyd of Soko stated rid of it “the way forward for ethical fashion does things not just kinder but doing things better” when discussing their standards for dealing with the artisans which make their jewellery.

“The way forward for ethical fashion does things not just kinder but better”


The idea of coping with empathy ties all what we should learned in the centre Series together being courageous, getting transparent standards, dealing with youth, remembering there’s humans behind everything we all do. These concepts all return to residing in empathy. Remaining patient, kind and pursuing more overall love and connection to assist in making the world a more powerful more thriving spot for all.

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