Everything you need to know about lab grown diamonds!

Lab grown diamonds abound at the moment, but wait, how can they rival classical found diamonds? We requested professionals to talk us through it.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

Laura Chavez, founding father of Lark & Berry, explains the process is that does not different with other diamonds: ‘Lab grown, or cultured diamonds as Lark & Berry contact them, overlap with any found diamonds with one difference: there is no mining involved. To build up diamonds above ground, we mimic how they grow undercover. Duplicating that process makes our cultured diamonds 100% real diamonds. Gemologists cannot tell found from grown diamonds apart, as there is nothing to distinguish.

‘The two methods familiar with create diamonds are HPHT and CVD. Both ways involve adding heat, pressure or gasses to carbon or gem seeds to create diamonds. These techniques for growing diamonds is now accomplished using renewable power, meaning the gem you apply to a beautiful little bit of jewellery might be totally sustainable.’

Are lab grown diamonds real?

Jessica Warch, co-founding father of Kimai, states the finest misconception is that they aren’t real. ‘Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically much like found diamonds,’ she explains.

Can a jewelry expert determine if a gem is lab grown?

‘Not a specialist gemologist has the ability to tell a lab-grown gem apart from a found one! The main difference is always that lab-grown diamonds provide 100% transparency in comparison with found diamonds which have notoriously opaque supply chains and so are connected with complex and sometimes devastating social and environmental issues, including deforestation and child work,’ states Jessica.

Are lab grown diamonds useful?

Matilde Mourinho, founding father of MATILDE Jewellery, states that it’s lower for the consumer to pick, however, if it’s a sustainable, cost-effective option they’re after, then cultured diamonds will be the solution.

‘We think it’s crucial that you offer as much sources and understanding about lab-grown diamonds along with what perform, and why we believe that it is most likely probably the most sustainable route in relation to purchasing diamonds, so the choice could possibly be the customer inside the finish.

‘But the apparent reaction to this is always that lab-grown diamonds certainly are a more ethical and sustainable choice to natural found diamonds. They are visually, physically and chemically the identical – while using only difference being how they are grown. If we could have the identical product, and be less harmful for the atmosphere combined with the communities influenced by found diamonds, then why wouldn’t we be?’ she states.

Lab grown diamonds cost

If you’re wondering if they’re cheaper, the answer then is yes. ‘This is essentially due to the work as well as the different procedures in the supply chain which matches into mining diamonds. With natural diamonds, within the exploration, the mining, the sorting, the cutting as well as the polishing, the jewellery manufacturers, to retail then for the customer, there is also a quantity of steps on the way,’ explains Matilde.

Laura concurs, adding, ‘With ale some labs to get excess carbon in mid-air and morph it right into a gem, the carbon footprint may also be negative! According to the cost for your consumer, since the gem growing process is much more streamlined and direct (no mining needed), we’re able to spread that affordability, enabling them to acquire a cultured gem while using specifications they demand (colour, clearness, cut, carats) not under 25-30% within found stone.’

The best way to you look at the quality?

‘The in an identical way that you just do with found diamonds, while using the 4 C’s: Carat, Clearness, Colour and Cut. The diamonds we use at Kimai possess the finest quality, theoretically speaking this means we focus on gemstones of colours DEF and clearness Versus ’ states Jessica.

Best lab grown diamonds Uk

Convinced this really is really the sustainable solution in relation to diamonds? Keep scrolling to appear the most effective lab grown gem jewellers inside the Uk.


‘Consumers come trying to find a substitute for found diamonds for many reasons. The Two we view nearly all are one, since they want diamonds that have been sourced more responsibly and guaranteed conflict-free, or even more, they’re searching for a similar quality (or better) gem inside a fairer cost than they’re seeing with found diamonds.,’ states founder Laura.


Brilliant Earring, £795 at Kimai

Co-founder Jessica states, ‘ my co-founder and i also were both born into families who labored inside the gem exchange Antwerp, however, if we increased to get mindful of intricacies of the marketplace (murky supply chains, child work, negative impacts on the planet and native communities)- we’d have loved to accomplish things differently, which is not easy inside a traditional and traditional industry that doesn’t like change.

At 18, the two of us gone after London. Sidney educated to become certified gemologist and i also studied Business and Finance. Then, in fall 2017, we started exploring new options determined lab-grown diamonds. In those days, this concept had been new. It had been our lightbulb moment. We’d showed up searching for a way to really make the industry we loved more ethical and relevant for that generation, and we’d think it is.

It absolutely was then that individuals made a decision to utilize 100% traceable lab-grown diamonds throughout our collections. Through Kimaï, we are attempting to reimagine the gem and fine jewellery industry by fostering an even more ethical and transparent approach, without compromising on style or quality. We would have liked to make a brand that speaks right to women, instead of the old gem brands who typically advertise to men to buy jewellery for partners. It absolutely was certainly here i am in a completely new approach.’



‘Our diamonds particularly are sourced from Madestones, who’ve become Carbon Neutral in August 2021. It’s required for us to use suppliers or partners who value the identical things perform just like a brand, after we feel sure that with Madestones we are acquiring the finest quality of lab-grown diamonds although still not sacrificing our values,’ states founder Matilde.


PANDORA Brilliance ring, £250

These unique diamonds are produced using predominantly renewable power, and so are cultivated by skilled artisans until you are hands-selected for impeccably high quality. Lab-created diamonds have the identical characteristics and characteristics as found diamonds and so are held for the same exceptional standards – cut, colour, clearness and carat – until you are set within the Brilliance collection.

The range, occur gorgeous infinity inspired designs on earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, and starts just £220. Each stone differs from .25 to at least one carat, thus democratising real diamonds for patrons.


COSMOS NECKLACE, £295 at Ingle & Rhode

Inspired during the night sky, the trendy Cosmos collection is created from 100% recycled solid gold, with the awesome matte finish, and star set with twinkling brilliant cut lab grown diamonds (G/H in colour and Versus clearness). The Cosmos pendant in 9ct gold is 10mm across and suspended around the fine 16 inch trace chain (1.3mm gauge).


Certified Lab Created Gem Earrings (3/4 ct. tw.), £845 at brilliant Earth

These beautiful earrings possess a matched group of lab created round brilliant diamonds guaranteed in classic basket settings with break the guidelines posts. An IGI lab grading report includes each group of earrings.