Kina And Tam: Are they any good?

You may have heard the term “ethical brand” used to describe some brands, which may have left you wondering what it means and why it is used to describe particular firms. Don’t worry, and we’ll cover it in this article. Continue reading this Kina and Tam review to find out if they are ethical and good for you.

Kina and Tam’s corporate policy is that the brand is ethical. According to Kina and Tam’s corporate philosophy, the brand is committed to promoting ethics in its goods by being honest with operations, accountable to consumers, and partnering with ethically certified suppliers.

What Distinguishes Kina And Tam As Ethical?

Kina and Tam’s passion is to make beautiful and one-of-a-kind products sustainably and ethically.  Every well-thought-out procedure, from the design board to the manufacturing lines and eventually your wardrobe, is done with the highest regard and consideration for our fantastic garment workers, employees, partners, and Mother Nature’s well-being.

They intend to collaborate with factories and textile businesses that share our desire to protect and uphold the rights of local garment workers while minimising environmental impact.

Kina and Tam collaborate with certified producers who share their commitment to ethics, sustainability, accountability, and transparency.

According to the company’s website, some of the company’s ethical practices are provided to confirm that the brand is ethical. These procedures are as follows:

Eco-friendly products

According to an ‘Ethics and Responsibility’ statement published on the Kina and Tam website, the company is committed to promoting the manufacture of sustainable products. By sustainable products, the business simply attempts to encourage using materials that are not detrimental to both people and the environment.

Kina and Tam urge producers to use sustainable materials that employees adequately examine during manufacturing to fulfil the sustainability aim. According to the firm, every piece of apparel sold was manufactured by its employees, not machines.

Work with certified partners.

Another remark by Kina and Tam addressing ethics in their brand operations is the partnership with ethically certified partners. According to the company, three partners they presently collaborate with are BSCI certified. This is a method for Kina and Tam to demonstrate to consumers and the competition that they do not support collaboration with immoral businesses.

What makes a brand an ethical one?

Before a brand can be fact-checked to be ethical, the brand must put some necessary things in place. Those things include;

  • The product created by the brand must be done sustainably and ethically.
  • The brand must not in any manner partner with businesses that are not ethical.
  • Products distributed by the brand must not be harmful to the users.
  • The brand must accredit the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). A BSCI accreditation confirms that the brand is completely ethical.
  • The product’s distribution cycle must be in a closed-loop system; this simply means that the product goes from the designer to the distributor, the consumers, and back to the manufacturer.
  • The product will not, in any way, contribute to the pollution of the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Can I get handmade clothes from Kina and Tam?

Yes, you can get handmade clothes from the brand.

2.      Who are the partners of Kina and Tam?

The partners of Kina and Tam include; Dongguan Hongpeng Textile, Guangzhou Weixin Garment, Dongguan Ruili Fashion, and Jiaxing Shixun Garment.

3.      Where do they ship to?

Apart from a few exceptions of countries, they ship WORLDWIDE (mainly North African countries and smaller remote islands). Please double-check the webpage for confirmation. If you are from any of those countries and have already ordered an item, they will soon contact you and give you a refund.


Kina and Tam claim to be an ethical brand by stating it in the brand’s operation policy and advocating for ethics in their distributional activities. Even though many claims have been able to counter that policy, the brand does seem to practice what they preach. Kina and Tam still manage to win people’s hearts.

People still enjoy the fact that how it brings the child out of you with all its soft clothing and coloured clothes. That is, in particular, the motto of Kina and Tam.

Even after a few hates, they keep all the promises of loyal business, and their customer knows it all.