Kate Middleton had this very relatable shopping problem!

Just whenever you think the royals really are a world aside from us commoners, which technically I guess they’re, you learn about snippets of the lives which make them greatly relatable.

For instance, the Cambridges’ bday cake tradition, Prince Louis’ amusing first words, or perhaps Kate Middleton’s Christmas outfit regrets.

As the Duchess always looks impeccable to all of us, apparently , she indeed is affected with fashion ruts every so often.

Once such occurrence only agreed to be after she’d Prince George. While out searching for kids’ clothes at certainly one of her favourite brands, she accepted she would be a little lost.

Designer Amaia Arrieta spoke to Hello magazine concerning the visit, saying: ‘The very first time she arrived to the store she was together with her mother. It had been quite funny because she stated, “I’ve just were built with a baby and I’m just a little lost. Will you be able that helped me to?”‘

Many new mums can correspond with these feelings to be overwhelmed, and it is refreshing the Duchess wasn’t afraid to inquire about help. Since that time, Kate has clearly is loaded with lots of practice and has turned into a fan of the trademark for those her children.

She’s stated to frequently prefer entering stores herself to choose products, though she may order clothes online too, and also have them sent to Kensington Palace. Much like us really.