Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices

Jet’s Pizza contains a ingenious technique for doing rectangular deep-plate 8-part pizza. When you want to go to them, make sure you examine their refreshed list. In this posting, let’s see their most up-to-date changed menus.

Jet’s Pizzas is renowned for its Detroit-model pizza. Their selection incorporates speciality pizzas, build up your own personal jet’s pizza, sidekicks, jet’s wings, deliboats and salads, old classic subs and desserts. This can be a most effective pizza for parties due to their vast-measured pizzas.

This became basically a concise details ones plus the accomplish food selection is noted down below. Apart from the selection, I am going to also tell you about the franchising particulars, contact information as well as nutritional breaking down within the items display relating to the Jet’s Pizza menus. Let’s check out some history about Jet’s Pizza, but before knowing all this.

Jet’s Pizzas is an American citizen pizzas business eating place which had been established by Eugene and John Jetts in 1978. The main stow of Jet’s Pizza was started during a Detroit suburb of Sterling Altitudes. The chain is recognized for its rectangle-fashioned pizzas. They also have pretty much 390 franchises in 19 says.

Jet’s Pizza Food list Selling prices

Jet’s Pizza is principally known for its pizza and you will also consider their unique range of pizza any time you take a look at them. As part of their niche pizza portion, they provide all meaty pizzas, aloha bar-b-que poultry pizza, very wonderful pizzas, chicken breast parmesan pizza and a lot more. Additionally, they offer you a choice for property the model of pizza.

In case you don’t like pizzas they may have other food list equipment also for example sidekicks, jet’s wings, deliboats and salads, common subs like Italian sub, veggie sub, antipasto salad, vegetable garden greens and much more.

Finally get their delectable sweets for instance 12 jewelry cinnamon stix, 8 items chocolate bars scratch cookie and 8? chocolate bars nick brownie and finish your lunch. For the larger meeting, don’t disregard to order their 8 cornered pizza.

The Jet’s Pizzas navigation charges are very reasonable as it hinges on the capacity of the pizzas you could be buying. They offer their pizzas in large, medium and small 8 edges and bash holder styles. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Jet’s Pizza menu with prices.

Specialty Pizzas

All Meaty Pizza $14.00
Aloha BBQ Chicken Pizza $14.00
BBQ Chicken Pizza $14.00
BLT Pizza $14.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza $14.00
Chicken Parmesan Pizza $14.00
Eugene Supreme Pizza $14.00
Hawaiian Pizza $14.00
Super Special Pizza $14.00
Veggie Pizza $14.00
Jet 10 Pizza $15.00

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Build Your Own Jet’s Pizza

Small Cheese Pizza $9.99
Hand-Tossed Pizza – Medium (8 Pieces) $11.99
Large Cheese Pizza $13.99
Build Your Own Large NY Style $15.88
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza – 8-Corner Pizza (8 Pieces) $16.99
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza – X-Large (15 Pieces) $18.99
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza – Party Tray (30 Pieces) $35.99
Build Your Own Small Gluten-Free $9.99
Build Your Own Cauliflower $9.99


12 Pieces Jet’s Bread $7.49
12 Pieces Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix $7.49
12 Pieces Deep Dish Bread $7.49

Jet’s Wings

8 Jet’s Wings $8.99
10 oz. Boneless Chicken $8.99


Salads Small Medium Party
Antipasto Salad $7.49 $9.49 $34.99
Greek Salad $7.49 $9.49 $34.99
Garden Salad $7.49 $9.49 $34.99
Caesar Salad $7.49 $9.49 $34.99

Jet’s Boat

8″ Jet’s Boat $6.99

Deli Boats

Grilled Chicken Deli Boat $6.99
Italian Deli Boat $6.99
Ham and Cheese Deli Boat $6.99
Steak and Cheese Deli Boat $6.99
Veggie Deli Boat $6.99

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Classic Subs

Italian Sub $7.49
Ham and Cheese Sub $7.49
Steak and Cheese Sub $7.49
Pizza Sub $7.49
Veggie Sub $7.49
Chicken Parmesan Sub $7.49
Classic Grilled Chicken Sub $7.49


12 Pieces Cinnamon Stix $6.99
8 Pieces Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.99
8″ Chocolate Chip Brownie $6.99

Dipping Sauce

Side of Jet’s Ranch Sauce $0.90
Side of Pizza Sauce $0.90
Side of Butter Garlic Sauce $0.75
Side of Blue Cheese Sauce $0.90
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