Meet Susie Wang, Founder & Chief Creative Of 100% Pure

While average folks were chasing fleeting the latest fashions and cramming for midterms, Susie Wang was filing patents on her cosmetics company, 100% Pure. Mixing her innate desire for self-care and her academic pursuit in chemistry, Susie was partway through college when she happened on a method to prevent 100 % natural ingredients from oxidizing. When she began being went after through the world’s leading cosmetic companies, Susie walked from school to operate like a formulator where her eyes were opened up wide towards the dirty side from the cosmetic industry. We lately associated with Susie to understand more about the influence of her Korean background on her behalf professional pursuits, her very own skincare routine, and also the launch of her company 100% Pure.

100% Pure Natural Lipsticks – Interview Using The Founder, Susie Wang

Attending College YOU DISCOVERED Preventing 100 % Natural Ingredients FROM OXIDIZING Coupled With THE Experience To File For THE PATENTS, WHICH ULTIMATELY LAUNCHED Your Job. WHERE DID YOUR Curiosity About NATURAL PRODUCTS Originate From?

Beauty, self-care, and pampering are a huge part of my Korean culture. Since I had been 3 years old, I did previously forage for fresh berries and herbs within my garden to create myself facial masks. I spent my weekends in onsens, bathing and steaming while masking and relaxing. Go forward ten years approximately also it came as no real surprise which i eventually walked from college to operate like a cosmetics formulator.

“Ever since i have was 3 years old, I did previously forage for fresh berries and herbs within my garden to create myself facial masks. I spent my weekends in onsens, bathing and steaming while masking and relaxing.”

100% Pure Organic Eye Creams – Interview Using The Founder, Susie Wang

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Inform Us Concerning The SIMPLE SPILL Inside Your LAB THAT INSPIRED A Much deeper Analysis In To The DIRTY SIDE OF COSMETICS. WHAT Have You Uncover ABOUT TRADITIONAL Things That You Want You’d HAVE KNOWN SOONER?

I had been formulating a watch cream for among the world’s largest and many esteemed cosmetic brands after i accidentally knocked over among the chemicals to the lab table. The spill made hard plastic table warp. I had been shocked! I wondered what sort of damage caffeine could do in order to our skin whether it could damage a tough plastic table.

Each time a chemical would get delivered to the lab, it might be supported with a guide which was usually never read and merely filed. Following the chemical accident, I began opening the booklets and it was horrified to see that many the harmful chemicals were tested on creatures showing that birth defects and tumors were created after application on animal skin. After I anxiously notified the mind chemist, they attempted to make sure me the human defense mechanisms would be a lot more powerful than the usual rodent’s. It had been then which i made the decision to produce a brand which was truly natural, safe and cruelty-free.

100% Pure Natural Cosmetics – Interview Using The Founder, Susie Wang

Inside A Lengthy Listing Of CULPRITS, Do You Know The TOP THREE THINGS We Ought To Consider When Choosing COSMETICS?

Avoid chemicals-releasing preservatives.

Avoid petrochemicals-there’s even teflon in cosmetics (to repel moisture for matte lipsticks, water-resistant sunscreen, and waterproof mascara).

Avoid preservative chemicals-they are not just dangerous simply because they mimic oestrogen and therefore are associated with cancer, but they’re also pollutants towards the atmosphere along with a large reason 1 / 2 of the world’s barrier reef is dead.


It was among the most difficult things that i can witness. Small creatures are squeezed into plastic tubes with no room to wiggle and fragrances are sprayed in to the tube for 12 hrs at any given time for days on finish chemicals are spilled into rabbits’ eyes, etc. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Lots of occasions, “cruelty-free” or “no animal testing” implies that the ultimate formula wasn’t tested on creatures but every individual component was tested. At 100% Pure, our ingredients are natural and not one of them need testing on creatures. Unlike the majority of the industry, we’re a really cruelty-free company.

Interview With Susie Wang, Founder & Chief Creative Of 100% Pure – Cruelty-Free Sheet Masks

It Is True! 100% PURE Is Really A COSMETIC COMPANY WITH A Few Of The CLEANEST PRODUCTS Available On The Market. WHAT GAVE The COURAGE To Begin Your Personal COMPANY?

“I wish to educate women to allow them to create a conscious choice. Whatever choice consumers make, they should know the potential risks connected.”

A lengthy time ago, cigarettes was once marketed like a health product with doctors and athletes endorsing them. As absurd as cigarettes being touted like a health product sounds, I consider cosmetics for the same reason with ads today that demonstrate off beautiful, healthy searching ladies and celebrities that endorse cosmetics which are filled with carcinogens. Many people are not aware of all of the toxins in cosmetics. I wish to educate women to allow them to create a conscious choice. Whatever choice consumers make, they should know the potential risks connected.

Today 100% Pure will get requested by a lot of companies to work with them, however i only work with companies where Personally i think an individual connection. I really like Anthropologie. I shop there constantly therefore it was amazing to work with them! Our next partnership is by using Blueberry Republic, that is another store I really like!

100% Pure Organic Skincare – Interview Using The Founder, Susie Wang

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Many people could be surprised that people make use of the pigments in cherries to paint our lipsticks. Also, we micronize black tea leaves to some super fine powder and blend it right into a lash-conditioning base to create our mascara.

Personally, I usually use cold pressed, raw, unrefined things that possess the most nutrients. The oils I love using are the initial pressed/cold pressed seeds which contain the highest nutrients.

Exactly What Does Your Personal BEAUTY ROUTINE Seem Like Nowadays? HOW HAS IT Altered Because You Began Your Company?

My routine changes. It may sometimes get intensive having a very elaborate evening and morning routines which include plenty of masking and amount of time in the steam room. Other occasions, it may be quite simple. Regardless of what though, at least, I usually stay with putting on a mineral SPF throughout the day and taking advantage of a facial oil during the night.