Interested in Living Off the Grid: 6 Jobs that Can Accommodate the Lifestyle!

More and more people are falling in love with the freedom and excitement of off-grid living. Not in the traditional form of building cabins deep in the woods or mountains where nobody can find them, but rather the 21st-century version of hitting the road in a camper van and seeing the world.

Digital nomads are growing in number, right along with popularity. People everywhere are discarding the shackles of office and residential life to take to the open road. However, most of us don’t have an unlimited source of money to live this dream, so a little creativity may be in order. That’s why we have put together a list of 6 jobs that are perfect for living off-grid.

Become a Traditional Writer

Although we have two different types of writing on the list, we wanted to be sure to clarify the difference as each provides a unique opportunity to live life free and on the go. A traditional writer is someone who sticks to novel-type formats. While this field is not easy to break into, if you have a good story and get the attention of a publisher, it can happen.

Become a Content Writer

This living off-grid occupation is much more common and attainable than traditional writing jobs. Basically, content writing is done through clients that request specific materials. This can be for a website, magazine, blog, landing page, press release, or nearly any other type of publication or printed material. It can be for marketing purposes, information, or simply to increase their content library.

Manage Social Media Accounts

This is a fantastic option for people looking to be digital nomads while still earning money. If you have social media savvy and the motivation to hustle up a few clients, you can make enough money to fund your lifestyle without ever having to punch a clock again.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts are the new blogs and with way less competition. While there are over 600,000,000 blogs, there are about 2 million podcasts.

All you need to do is find an area where you are interested and knowledgeable, listen to a few of the more popular podcasts to see what they do, and find your own voice! And if you can’t figure out where to start, why not simply chronicle your living off-grid adventures?

Try Being a Virtual Assistant

This job is becoming popular in the gig economy even for people who enjoy traditional living arrangements. Since so much work these days is digitally and remotely, many entrepreneurs and busy professionals take to the internet to find reliable assistants.

Working in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a talent that will always pay off. As the world becomes more and more intertwined with the online world, websites, marketing campaigns, brands and logos, and many other things that need top-not design work are always available.

Living Off-Grid Is A Popular Lifestyle

If you are one of those people who is built for life on the road, then there is nothing like it. And if you didn’t find a compatible gig on our list today, there are literally hundreds of more options available for working remotely.

Just keep checking the classified websites and gig apps to see if something strikes your fancy. If not, even finding local, short-term labor in whatever town you’re in can work too!