7 Handmade Ceramic Incense Holders For The Mindful Home

Why Would You Use Incense?

For centuries, communities and cultures all over the world used incense like a ritual offering to pay for respects to ancestors and defend against misfortune and evil spirits. There is a longtime background and cultural significance with this particular practice, that is necessary to note. Even while incense tend to be more generally used today for improving ambiance, cleansing air, and through meditation, it’s essential to respect the origins and traditions.

Likewise, incense and homemade dried plant blends are wonderful options to “smudging” or burning white-colored sage as well as Palo Santo, which, when commodified and used by non-Indigenous people, are types of cultural appropriation. Rather, incense may be used through “indirect burning” or, more generally, “direct burning.” Obviously, to get this done, you will want a possessor or bowl. Holders provide stability and elegance, while bowls can catch ashes because they fall.

From Canada towards the United kingdom to over the US, these artisans and types create hand crafted and ceramic incense holders. Purchase one to change your house into a much more relaxing space just remember sustainable incense either! A lot of our favorite brands for natural include Subtle Physiques, Satta, Relato Nativo, and Ume Collective (United kingdom),

For more beautiful vessels you can include to your house, do this sustainable ceramic dinnerware which hand crafted mugs.

1. Incausa

  • Produced In Brooklyn, NY
  • Materials Northeast stoneware clay and glaze
  • Cost $28

Incausa works together with Indigenous artisans and communities from South America and Peru, supplying economic possibilities through their social enterprise model. The founders come from South America and, by buying wholesale goods directly, Incausa invests within their economic empowerment. The incense holder comes in a number of finishes, including black, blue, and celadon.

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2. Rachel Saunders

  • Produced In Vancouver Island, Canada
  • Materials Clay ceramic and glaze
  • Cost Beginning at $45

Rachel Saunders, a multidisciplinary artist from Canada, combines functionality, sustainability, and whimsy with Wave Incense Holder. Like several of her works, each bit is wheel tossed and hands-built from a studio in Vancouver Island. This single stick holder is available in four finishes: glossy white-colored, natural black, raw Terracotta, and the most popular, a subtle off-white-colored glaze aptly named mother of gem.

3. Summer time School

  • Produced In Richmond, Veterans administration
  • Materials Unglazed clay and obvious gloss
  • Cost $40

Summer time School, designed and hands-created by Karen D’Ambrosi, crafts homewares varying from mugs and vases to vessels and incense holders. The Caldera Incense Bowl, particularly, is a superb multifunctional piece, ideal for holding both small jewellery or perhaps a single incense stick. (Out on another worry if the popular piece is offered out you are able to join restocking alerts!)

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4. Temple Copal

  • Produced In Mexico
  • Materials Ceramic and glaze
  • Cost $40-$50

Unlike the greater popular Palo Santo and sage, Temple Copal sources white-colored copal through wild harvesting, which avoids deforestation. Inspired by Aztec, and Mayan cultures, 100 % white-colored copal can be used for cleansing, healing, and divine energy. Along with Temple Copal’s white-colored copal, the company also provides hand crafted incense burners in three various sizes.

5. Knotwork LA

  • Produced In La, CA
  • Materials Porcelain ceramic and glaze
  • Cost $24

If you are searching for any ceramic incense holder that’s unlike every other, take a look at Knotwork LA’s collection. These holders are created with leftover porcelain inlay slabs and handle with stunning designs and patterns, so no two are alike. And because of so many options, there are also holders for cone incense and sticks.

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6. Mellow New york city

  • Produced In New You are able to NY
  • Materials Porcelain ceramic or raw terracotta, and glaze
  • Cost Beginning at $30

Created using love within the The Big Apple, Mellow New York city wants that will help you produce a more enjoyable home with incense holders, planters, and dinnerware. The brand’s assortment of incense bowls and holders are hand crafted with either porcelain ceramic or raw Terracotta and hands-colored inside. We like the bowls’ functionality and size, well suited for catching ashes.

7. Ume Incense

  • Produced In London, United kingdom
  • Materials Stoneware clay, brass, glaze
  • Cost Beginning at £10

Inspired by Nature herself, the London-based team at Ume Incense designs plant-based incense sticks, botanical mists, and hand crafted incense burners. Crafted in-house, each bit is made from sustainable firing techniques, organic materials, and eco-friendly glazes. Ume’s assortment of gorgeous incense holders can start just £10, carried out with minimalistic glazes and brass domes.