How To Engage Your Imagination As A Spiritual Practice!

Finding Question On The Planet

I’ve forgotten how you can imagine I’ve forgotten the world is really a magical and miraculous place. In a certain point, existence grew to become serious, bogged lower with tasks and also to-do lists. Which mindset started to affect probably the most personal areas of my existence, including spirituality.

What if spirituality isn’t always about rumination or dealing with a significant posture while contemplating the much deeper questions? Within the religious teachings of my youth, there is a parable about childlike belief, and also the story encourages humbleness and question instead of piety or intellect. Additionally, it encourages asking them questions without requiring definitive solutions.

Youngsters are excellent teachers with this. They’re always curious about the planet: Exactly why is heaven blue? So why do lions roar? Why is our planet spin? An inspired spirit keeps them available to options and grounds them in our moment. Can you really discover that once more?

“Imagination invites us to breathe, to dream, and also to be fully give the question from it all.”

Imagination invites us to breathe, to dream, and also to be fully give the question from it all. It may even be a spiritual practice of their own-but we must choose it.

Its not necessary to become religious or sign up for a greater power, either. I no more practice the traditions I increased track of, but spirituality remains part of my existence through mindfulness, prayer, and rituals. Whether or not the word spirituality scares you or feels a little woo, keep in mind that anybody can usually benefit from question and imagination, and spirituality is entirely personal and different for you.

If you are reconstructing a spiritual practice being an adult or exploring it the very first time, listed here are a couple of strategies for developing a non-religious spiritual practice.

How you can Cultivate Your Imagination Like A Spiritual Practice


Spirituality can occasionally feel inaccessible and brow, particularly in literature. I’ve purchased numerous spirituality books only to discover them ridden with archaic and pretentious language. (Which genuinely does little for sparking my imagination.)

“Children’s books invite us to go back to our inner child by providing simple, encouraging messages about question, play, love, and conscious living.”

Children’s books, however, are lighthearted and playful. They invite us to go back to our inner child by providing simple, encouraging messages about question, play, love, and conscious living. The books don’t need to be about spirituality, either.

A couple of of my personal favorite children’s books about imagination include: This Really Is Sadie by Sara O’Leary, Mae One Of The Stars by Roda Ahmed, Inside A Jar by Deborah Marcero, and Small Perfect Things by M.H. Clark.

As well as for ones specific to spirituality, I really like: When God Would Be A Young Girl by David R Weiss, Happy: A Beginner’s Help Guide To Mindfulness by Nicola Edwards, God’s Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams, and may You Hear The Trees Speaking? by Peter Wohlleben.


Humans will always be fascinated with dreams and also the tales we create while we’re asleep-actually, among the first recorded dream interpretations goes back to Mesopotamia. In lots of ancient traditions, dreams were even thought to be prophesies from God, and I love to think they may be potential portals to some spiritual world.

“What is the imagination suggesting while you sleep?”

Try keeping an aspiration journal to mirror around the tales, imagery, or styles. Make use of this journal like a source for creativeness and think about drawing or painting your dreams, or writing them right into a song or story. What’s your imagination suggesting while you sleep? And how will you apply that very same question for your everyday existence and spiritual practice?

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I made use of my bed room walls like a canvas after i would be a teen. I loved painting words and abstract images, and that i in some way convinced my parents to allow me practice on the home. Individuals late-night hrs were both sacred and spiritual, my thoughts swirling with creativeness because the brush led my hands in unpredictable strokes.

My new apartment has lovely lighting, and I’ve lately desired to consider using a drawing class or purchase an easel. I imagine myself creating included in my morning meditation and daily spiritual practice.

“Art allows us to flex our imaginations and discover a ‘flow’ for the encounters.”


Art allows us to flex our imaginations and discover a “flow” for the encounters, as professor and art therapy investigator Girija Kaimal informs NPR. That flow, she explains, is “that feeling of losing yourself, losing all awareness. You are so within the moment and fully present that you simply forget all feeling of space and time.”

It may be any type of art, too-from painting to weaving to pottery. “Anyone can try art-and regardless of what your level of skill, it is something gradually alter do regularly,” states Kaimal.


Will the world feel foreseeable for you at this time? Especially this season, as we’ve spent most in our time inside, everything can begin seeming familiar. Bland, even.

Extensive travel isn’t a choice right now, but we are able to find inspiration whenever we get outdoors and explore our very own metropolitan areas. Whenever I leave my apartment looking for a journey within my neighborhood, I recall how vibrant and surprising the planet could be. This question keeps me curious and available to options. It may also help me feel more attached to the world, and as a result, to myself and my spiritual beliefs.

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“The world is grand and delightful if perhaps we’ll lookup and find out it.”

Next time you depart your house, consider taking a new walking route and check out a walking meditation. Get your meals at a brand new restaurant alternatively finish of town or lounge inside a park that is not your usual hang-out. Take notice of the roads, the landscapes, and also the unfamiliar faces-I especially love tips 32 through 51 within this listing of conscious activities. Bring a notebook whether it allows you to record your ideas and observations. The planet is grand and delightful if perhaps we’ll lookup and find out it.

Anywhere you go in your spiritual journey, I think you’ll embrace question and look for the special moment happening everywhere. Rekindle your childlike spirit, inquire without requiring solutions, and balance rumination with play.

After which, turn that magic inward. Nurture your soul with imaginative and inventive practices-you may just find much deeper meaning and purpose.

How can you engage imagination inside your existence and spiritual practice? I’d like to hear your suggestions within the comments below. x