How to Set Goals When You Have No Idea What You Want

You’ve learned about the significance of setting goals- everyone has. You will know individuals with written goals succeed and you will read about achieving ambitious goals.

The issue is, it’s not necessary any ambitious goals. It’s not necessary any goals whatsoever. You aren’t really sure what you would like from existence – maybe something a little more than you’ve presently got, but any time you attempt to write a summary of goals, it appears just like a futile exercise.

Listed here are four methods to find out the goals that you will want.

Relax Your Opinions on which “Goals” Mean

We frequently believe that a “goal” needs to be something big. Maybe, you have the sense that goals have to be about money or success in some manner that society has defined.


A “goal” is just a thing that you’d enjoy or achieve. It may be purchasing a house or perhaps a vehicle, yes, however it may be a thing that might matter to nobody on the planet except you.

Goals aren’t stuff that you are feeling you “should” do, and then any good existence coach will steer you from goals which have been enforced with you by others.

Begin With That Which You Enjoy

Everyone has natural interests and passions. They’re individuals stuff that we obtain really looking forward to, despite the fact that our buddies and family may be bemused. Possibly you will love everything related to baseball. You may enjoy playing the trombone. It may be anything!

Write lower a summary of five to ten things that you will enjoy.

What is the goal hidden in them? Possibly, you’ve always were built with a need to coach Little League. Maybe, you’d really enjoy playing your trombone before a crowd.

What goals arise out of your interests? How could your hobbies end up part of something bigger and much more significant inside your existence?

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In the event that doesn’t work, consider that which you don’t like.

You may have a very difficult time working out what you would like from existence. Possibly, your interests and hobbies don’t appear to lend themselves to the actual goals. Within this situation, try writing a summary of stuff you don’t want.

That may be such things as:

  • I shouldn’t be overweight
  • I shouldn’t live a existence without meaning
  • I do not desire a bad relationship with my lady (family/kids/etc)
  • I shouldn’t operate in employment I personally don’t like

Write lower whatever makes the mind and switch them around to locate your objectives!

For instance, the above mentioned list would become:

  • I wish to achieve and keep a proper weight
  • I wish to possess a significant existence
  • I would like a great relationship with my lady (family/kids/etc)
  • I wish to operate in employment I really like

Think about the Key Regions of Existence

Within the great book, The Success Concepts, Jack Canfield suggests there are seven areas best places to consider goal setting techniques and lists these groups as:

  • Financial
  • Job/career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Self improvement
  • Community

If you are still stuck inside your goal-setting, undergo these seven key areas.

Have you got a gut feeling that them are missing or out of whack inside your existence? Inflict particular goals or ambitions spring to mind?

You will probably find it a helpful exercise to create lower a score for your feelings you’re doing in every area. Rate yourself from -10, with being “awful” and 10 being “perfect”.

Consider the places that you score low.

What would you do in order to raise that score? What goals will you set?

Would you have a problem with goal setting techniques which are significant for you? What exactly are your present goals (or no) and just what made you choose to set them on your own?

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