How to Remove Skin Tags with Duct Tape

Skin tags can be very embarrassing.

Also referred to as acrochordons, those are the small flaps of skin that appear on our bodies. Those who are very youthful, early, pregnant, and diabetic tend to be more vulnerable to developing them. While they’re typically harmless, they aren’t that enjoyable to check out.

For those who have a couple of skin tags and you’re considering removing them, they come surgically removed. There’s also a few natural home remedies you can test. Among individuals remedies, using duct tape for skin tag removal is most likely typically the most popular one. In the end, it’s cheap also it just works!

Here is a step-by-step guide you’ll find handy in removing individuals persistent skin tags

Gather your supplies

Within this situation, they’re simple. You just need an epidermis tag, or several, along with a roll of duct tape.

Wash and dry the skin completely before since the area surrounding it with a bit of duct tape.

Smooth it entirely to make sure that there aren’t any bubbles or wrinkles which will let air in to the area. The idea behind duct tape removal is it suffocates your skin underneath, resulting in the skin tag to die. Due to this, it’s smart to not result in the tape round the tag too large, so the skin you need to keep isn’t broken along the way.

Hold back until the tape starts to release, then look into the skin tag

If it’s still alive, it’ll remain attached. If it’s not, it’ll disappear. If a person round of duct tape doesn’t work, change it having a fresh piece after washing and drying the region again. Do that before the skin tag finally does disappear.

If you wish to speed the procedure, consider using a second approach to guide things along

Some popular choices include painting your skin tag with nailpolish to suffocate it and tying a string around the bottom of your skin tag as tight as possible. Do that before placing the duct tape towards the skin tag. Do it again every time that you simply replace your bit of tape.

A Thing of Caution

Though this might work the very first time, it sometimes takes multiple occasions to operate. In case your skin tags increased when you were pregnant or ill and you’re now healthy, they’re unlikely to come back. If you’re within the same health while you were once they increased, they might return.

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