How to clean and care for your leather handbag!

Tips to really make it last forever

Everyone knows buying a designer handbag could be a great investment, especially since it’s value will most definitely have elevated when you re-sell it.

However, how you take care of it’ll impact its value, as though it shows a lot of indications of deterioration, people will not be prepared to pay just as much for this.

Therefore we thought we’d ask the Handbag Clinic at Harvey Nichols Knightbridge, for his or her top tips about how to take care of your leather handbag.

Oh, which are clearly really handy should you only desire to keep the bag as pristine as you possibly can forever, even though you you shouldn’t market it!

1. Safeguard your handbag from the first day

Once we purchase something new, we always wish to ensure that it stays in top condition and a good option to begin is by using prevention. We advise using leather protection cream once you go home. It adds a safety barrier to leather that repels stains and protects the top from deterioration.

2. Clean your bag regularly

Whether it’s new or old, in addition to protecting your bag, regular cleaning is essential. For any quick wipe-lower, a moist cloth is sufficient, but typically bags will require a far more thorough clean with a professional or using specialist cleaning product every 2-3 several weeks to ensure that they’re in good shape.

3. Just use specialist leather cleaners

Never use baby wipes, vinegar or other ‘home remedy’ to clean. A number of these products have chemicals and substances inside them that induce drying or colour loss.

4. Keep the bag inside a dust bag keep

In case your handbag included a dust bag, utilize it! This can avoid the build-from dust when it’s not being used and stop any accidental scuffs. Should you not possess a dust bag, make use of a pillowcase.

5. Keep the bag stuffed

Keep, stuff your bag with bubble-wrap or perhaps some old clothing to keep its shape.

6. Avoid holding the handles an excessive amount of

Admittedly, this is a little a strange one but skin oils in the skin or oils from moisturisers can harm the leather and make it discolour! Protecting your leather can help, but try holding your bag over your arm.

7. Avoid putting on an easy coloured bag with new jeans jeans

Dye transfer is among the toughest stains to get rid of then one we cope with daily. Probably the most common causes is putting on new jeans jeans having a light coloured handbag. Avoid dye transfer by (you suspected it!) protecting your bag and washing new jeans before putting on them.

8. Make certain the lid’s on!

Dripping pens, water bottles as well as foundation not just ruin your entire day but could ruin your bag too! (You wouldn’t believe the quantity of horror tales we’ve heard) When we’re inside a hurry, we’re all responsible for tossing all things in our bag and never checking if they’re sealed correctly. Make time to put pens inside a pencil situation, your make-in a bag and appearance your water bottle!

9. Be cautious in which you put your bag

In your own home, within the vehicle, at work… Where would you keep the bag when it’s not being used? To avoid colour fading and harm to the leather, avoid heaters and sunlight. Heat may cause the leather to dry, leading to cracking. The easiest method to prevent drying is as simple as cleaning and protecting your bag every 2-three month. Leather protection cream not just protects your bag from stains and can condition the leather too.

10. Make use of a handbag hook

When eating out, an average clutch is commonly the best size to put behind you inside your chair in the small of the back. Alternatively, you could utilize a handbag hook – aimed to maintain your bag protected from wet tables and grubby floors!