Why I Set A “Friendship Cap” On My Social Life!

Quality Over Quantity

Within an era where culture puts something on Instagrammable friendships and digital platforms allow it to be very easy to create buddies, how come we experiencing friendship burnout?

Being an Enneagram 2 and social butterfly, I get up to date within the excitement of always attempting to make new friends. It seems like a part of how you can “make the most” of the 20s and 30s. In the end, a lot of possibilities nowadays, whether professional or social, have to do with whom you know.

Initially when i first gone to live in the town I’m now residing in, I recall being available to all friendships-it had been like as being a college newcomer once again. Similar to fast-dating, I would wine bars, taco Tuesdays, brunch dates, and also you-name-it-activities attempting to meet buddies within my new city. I became a member of groups, subscribed to volunteering possibilities, and expanded my social circle. Even if I wasn’t “trying” to create buddies, I’d make new friends through work, church, and mutual connections, and we’d make intends to grab coffee or spend time around the weekend. Nothing relating to this was inherently bad it had been fun-however i was exhausted, and started to question if friendships were said to be this tough.


After I began battling to maintain texts between new and old buddies, I understood which i was doing friendships wrong. I had been putting quantity over quality, which helped me question: why was I attempting to make a lot of new buddies? That which was the purpose?

“I’ve found peace understanding that it’s okay to become conscious and selective concerning the friendships I devote time to.”

Anybody who views themselves a social person has requested themselves this before. Maybe you want to have some fun, cultivate a social existence, or find “our people.” Yet I believe many of us also know deep lower that people are only able to maintain a lot of relationships and outings. There exists a limited convenience of committed, deep friendships. Regardless of whether you met someone IRL or with an application, friendships take lots of investment, intentionality, and readiness.

Much like being aware of the garments we put on, these products we use, and exactly how we live, friendships aren’t any different. They convey light to existence, and show us that we’re a part of a shared story connection makes existence significant. As I’ve reflected about this more, I’ve found peace understanding that it’s okay to become conscious and selective concerning the friendships I devote time to.

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WE’RE WIRED To Possess A Small Group OF Buddies-SCIENCE States SO.

Developing a “friendship cap” is the greatest factor I’ve accomplished for my social existence. This isn’t from stinginess or selectivity, but in an effort to further cultivate what matters and purchase my very own personal wellbeing. Actually, keeping our circles tight is really according to science.

Within the 1990s, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar discovered what’s now known as the eponymous “Dunbar’s number,” a cognitive limit to the amount of buddies that anyone can maintain stable social relationships with previously. Dunbar calculated that according to our cognitive capacity (read: brain size), humans are only able to healthily maintain about 150 stable friendships at any given time. Surprising, right?

“Science shows our most powerful relationships are restricted, it doesn’t matter how close you want to be around others.”

That base number (150), includes our casual buddies-people who we genuinely know and who know us. Dunbar informally described this because the group “you wouldn’t embarrass myself about joining for any drink should you became of come across them uninvited in a bar.” But Dunbar’s number goes further. After that, he noted that running out of energy have only 50 close buddies, what are people you’d invite to some group dinner. Then comes the circle of 15 buddies that you could open after some more, use for sympathy, and who, generally, you remain updated on every other’s lives.

The final ring of buddies are the nearest ones-and Dunbar’s studies suggest that just five buddies get this to cut. They are your bridesmaids, the buddies you are able to call at 1 AM if you are dealing with heartbreak, and those you’d fly across the nation for. They’re your very best buddies-and our most powerful relationships, science shows, are restricted it doesn’t matter how close you want to be around others.


I’ve discovered that since I’ve forget about the idea of “having plenty of friends” and concentrate rather on depth and durability, I’ve had the ability to convey more significant relationships. I no more feel guilty, tight on time, or spread thin. Rather, I’ve had the ability to be considered a better friend to my close-knit circle and much more deeply purchase individuals relationships.

Saying “yes” towards the buddies you need to do want to purchase sometimes means declining coffee invitations. You might feel unfriendly initially, however it comes lower to being selective and leaving friendships that aren’t reciprocal. Most importantly, getting a “friendship cap” and setting healthy expectations is supposed to be liberating!

Have you got a “friendship cap”? How can you manage your friendships in a manner that is both affirming and healthy?