Highschool of the Dead Season 2? What Are The Possibilities

It’s been ten years because we first saw the Highschool from the Dead anime, and to date, we have no traces of the second season. Even though some will know why we still don’t visit a second season, many still don’t know why we can’t visit a year. Exactly why this time around we’ll discuss this.

A manga stopped indefinitely

To begin with, Highschool from the Dead anime is definitely an adaptation of the manga of the identical name. The information that continues to be to animate might not be enough to make a second season, although possibly it’s for many short number of OVAs. That could leave a bitter taste to fans seeing the opportunity of a continuation that won’t be possible, because the manga was stopped indefinitely.

The dying of among the creators

For a long time there has been rumors concerning the two siblings behind the manga, some have stated that have fought against and they didn’t see one another again. Others stated that among the siblings was employed to operate on the gaming associated with zombies, many claiming it had become Resident Evil.

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Sadly, after many years of rumors, it had been says Daisuke Satou, who had been responsible for the script and plot, had serious health problems that caused the manga to take hiatus indefinitely simply to later reveal his dying from ischemic cardiovascular disease.

Daisuke Satou was the mastermind behind HOTD, he was the one that in the organization of his brother produced the figures and also the plot that people see within the anime, it’s impossible to resume the manga having a story as great as you may know it when the creator is dead.

A brother who desires nothing related to Highschool from the Dead

Shouji Satou may be the brother who’s still alive, who not need to know anything about HOTD because it reminds him of his deceased brother. Although it’s been some time since Daisuke’s dying, Shouji continues to be sad about losing his brother and it has pointed out that just his brother Daisuke could continue Highschool from the Dead.

Also, even when Souji really wants to continue HOTD it might be impossible since he was just responsible for enter, so it might be too hard for him.

A piece destined for abandonment

Sadly, it’s been ten years because the anime ended and seven years, considering the chapter printed in 2013 because the manga was on indefinite hiatus. If a few of the companies active in the manufacture of the anime have been thinking about creating a continuation, they’d have decided to animate a continuation that can also be another season.

Although we stated that the second season may not be possible, for just the material available, you’ll be able to make use of the material available and make an authentic, non-canon ending that may finish the plot.

Within the finish, both brother who still lives and also the companies involved have switched the page, beginning new projects, therefore we could never visit a continuation.

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