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Ethical Edit: 5 Handcrafted Macrame Wall Hangings To Liven Up Your Home!

Hand crafted Knotted Art

Macrame is definitely an ancient talent which has were built with a resurgence within the last couple of years adding an all natural, bohemian-inspired, minimalist decor element to some home. Macrame designs are produced utilizing a knotting method to create patterns from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and yarn in various colors.

Because macrame has acquired a lot recognition, there are many mass-created versions produced from man-made materials. These versions are without imperfections, however area of the great thing about this talent may be the hand crafted element that increases the organic, one-of-a-kind appearance.

We’re big on the macrame design and pulled 5 hand crafted macrame pieces which are all produced with love by small makers mainly selling their pieces through Etsy using organic and natural fibers to produce their made-to-order pieces of art.

Handcrafted Macrame Wall Hangings – Shay through the Little Avocado

1. INA by Wild&Feather, beginning at $352 This huge, intricate piece is made of natural driftwood and mustard cotton string in Copenhagen, Denmark. We like the mustard color that contributes a classy yet fun pop of color to some home.

2. Landscape by Urban Jungle Design, $227 Produced in Toronto, Canada, this hand crafted wall hanging is made of 100% organic cotton rope the designer sources in your area.

3. Macrame Wall Hanging by Dope Rope, $95 This lovely organic-feeling, medium-sized macrame piece is hand crafted from unbleached cotton in upstate New You are able to using found branches in the forest in the region.

4. Lace by Liinala, €45 This artist relies in Finland and it is enthusiastic about using recycled materials like yarn and cotton to create her eco-friendly fiber designs.

5. Shay through the Little Avocado, $68 We like the neutral colors within this piece hand crafted in Echo Park, La. This fiber artist also creates handwoven jewellery and macrame accessories.