Find Comfortable Bras and Panties in Cosmolle!

When we are young, in most cases we are trying to live a carefree life, most likely only worrying about our studies and the party we are going to attend next. But once we really enter the real world, start working, have families and all those adult responsibilities, we start caring more about our comfort than the fact that we are looking great or our best.

Bras and Panties

Don’t get me wrong, everyone always wants to look their best but with so many responsibilities, that isn’t the priority and comfort comes first, right? At my almost mid 30s, I just want to be and feel comfortable, even if I’m always at home or if I’m going out. Always trying to add a comfort to my favorite outfits to go out.

Yes, at this point I rather wear sports bras than my normal bras that have underwire because they’re simply more comfortable. I have really noticed that when I wear my sports bras and underwear bundle, my mood is often better than if I’m somehow annoyed by them. And I’m always trying to get the most comfortable bras and panties so I’m always feeling the comfort.

Where to find comfortable underwear?

There’s definitively a place that I know where they have very comfortable underwear, because they make them thinking about you, and your comfort. This place is called Cosmolle.

They are a underwear brand that not only has you as a priority but also has our lovely planet earth too. They design their bras and panties thinking that your comfort comes first and even have some skincare ingredients in them so it’s always you and your comfort what matters.

Their products are eco-friendly, 3D printed and made of collagen polyamide yarn. This buttery-soft and luxurious fabric, which has biomimetic fabrics that have a unique and permanent coating of collagen. Making them skin loving, which is very important if you really are into self-love and skin care. Wondering why? Well, their collagen infused bras and panties, give your skin amino acids and antioxidants, improving skin elasticity, reducing signs of age and keeping it hydrated.

underwear bundle

I also think their eco-friendly mission and thinking about our earth when we, as humanity have done everything to damage it, is really admirable. They use recycled fish scales that are bought from farming fisheries. Then these fish scales go through exclusive processing.

After an intense purification process those fish scales are transformed into collagen polyamide yarn. Then, when it comes to the production, the collagen infused yarn are waved into fabric and 3D printed to get smoother lines and also energy efficiency.

And finally, once you purchase their seamless bra or any of their underwear and just want to enjoy all the collagen infused and pack benefits, they will be delivered to your door house with 100% recyclable paper packaging so you also take care of the planet and give it a second life and purpose.

seamless bra

I highly recommend their underwear, because they really deliver what they promise, especially the comfort. Like we said, once we start getting older, comfort is what we seek the most.