What Does It Mean To Eat A Flexitarian Diet—And How Can It Make A Difference?

Consciously Cutting Lower On Meat

You are able to catch me eating cauliflower zoysia wings or seitan tacos in a local vegan restaurant any day. I really like plant-based foods and feel healthier-both physically and psychologically-after i consume them. However I don’t identify as vegan. Not really vegetarian. Among all the buzz about nutritional habits, I’ve made the decision that being flexitarian (I swear it’s a genuine factor) is exactly what works best for me. What this means is I consciously attempt to reduce my meat consumption and eat mostly vegan meals-but from time to time consume meat, dairy, and sea food.

My boyfriend and sister are generally vegan. The diehard types. Edge in the game for ethical, ecological, and health reasons. It’s very simple to feel guilty around them (and I’m around them constantly) after i do eat meat or dairy. Usually, I finish up eating lots of vegan food due to getting together with them. Sometimes I believe I simply need to go for it and go vegan-and that’s certainly still an eventual possibility. However I haven’t carried this out yet, and I am not alone. Only 3 % of people is vegan. 6 % are vegetarian. Regrettably, which means greater than 90% of american citizens consume meat, and also at a truly alarming and unsustainable average rate of 220 pounds annually per person.

Meat Consumption Is Harming Our World

Meat and dairy provide just 18% of food calories and 37% of protein, but use 83% (the great majority) of farmland and make 60% of agriculture’s green house gas emissions, based on this short article within the Protector. Furthermore, meat production and consumption lead to factors that harm our land, water, and air, worsening the already serious issue of climatic change.

Staying away from meat and dairy is easily the most substantial approach we take to can help to eliminate our ecological impact and take care of our very own health. Eating excessive levels of meat can result in an elevated probability of stroke, diabetes type 2, weight problems, and certain cancers. And it’s understandable that creatures suffer horribly under factory farming conditions.

With different study by British medical journal The Lancet, cutting lower our meat consumption all over the world by 50% will considerably change up the upkeep from the planet and our capability to feed generations to come. So, ideally we ought to be eating 1 / 2 of the quantity of meat we presently eat, at least.

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Intentional Reduction Is Essential

“The answer to change is conscious, intentional decrease in meat consumption in your ability-and never punishing yourself whenever you do from time to time possess a non-vegan meal.”

Despite the fact that there are other and much more plant-based food options, it’s impractical to anticipate everybody to instantly eliminate all meat and dairy. Many people still won’t get access to fresh produce, farmer’s markets, and also the abundance of vegan choices certain areas, like my house in La, are fortunate to possess. This especially pertains to marginalized and vulnerable populations. The important thing to alter is conscious, intentional decrease in meat consumption in your ability-and never punishing yourself whenever you do from time to time possess a non-vegan meal. (Should you choose eat meat or dairy, attempt to ensure it comes down from local, sustainable, and free-range sources.)

While eliminating all meat and dairy would likely work, the all-or-nothing mentality individuals have surrounding meat eating can perform more damage than good. It may deter individuals from even beginning their journey towards meat reduction. Don’t misunderstand me: as being a dedicated vegan or vegetarian is an excellent factor. It requires strong values as well as more powerful discipline-and lots of people discover great pleasure inside it. It’s certainly something that you can do, then one that needs to be encouraged.

But, however, for somebody who’s thinking about cutting lower on meat, it may be intimidating to seem like you need to either identify like a meat eater or otherwise. This may lead to feelings of guilt or anxiety about “slipping up” when attempting to reduce meat and never always being effective. My sister and boyfriend, when they’ve accidentally consumed dairy around me, have requested me to help keep it a secret and say they think awful. I let them know, it’s honestly totally awesome. They’re following their ethics as well as they are able to as well as an periodic and unintended mistake will not be held against them.

Methods To Reduce Meat Intake

How do we get began on going after a less meat-heavy diet?


Meatless Monday is really a campaign designed to reduce meat consumption by 15% for the personal and global health. How can you participate? Simply don’t eat meat on Mondays. Search for great plant-based recipes on Meatless Monday’s site that are healthy and scrumptious. A great method for beginners to chop lower on meat-heavy diets. Whenever you feel at ease doing this, challenge you to ultimately not eat meat a few days each week-or only eat meat once per week.


Read this extensive listing of grains which listing of veggies. See your local supermarket and choose some vegetables you’ve didn’t have and discover a recipe. Odds are, you’ll uncover something enjoy, that’s also healthy and great for the atmosphere. Go one stage further if you attempt other countries’ meat-free cuisines. Read this website with plant-based meal recipes from around the globe for example vegan chow mein, meatless korma, Brazilian coconut curry, and much more.


Try cooking with meaty flavors like soy sauce or dried mushrooms. Seaweed, potato, and tomato all contain an umami or savory flavor that will help satisfy a longing for meat. There’s also a variety of vegan “meats” from tofu to tempeh to seitan. Try a few of them and discover which of them you want. Many junk food restaurants are offering meatless options now, from Impossible Burgers to Beyond Meat crumble tacos-it’s certainly worth a go!

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Processed and red meats ought to be eaten sparingly. Our prime amounts of sodium and preservatives in processed meat, and also the fat and cholesterol in steak can be harmful news to improve your health. Eliminating these unhealthy choices and sticking with better ones, like fish and white-colored meat, are great for the body and also the atmosphere.

There are many other great sources for methods to chop lower. Simply plug “ways to consume less meat” right into a internet search engine and you’ll find endless guides and sources. Or, simply do what you could. Maybe lower your meat consumption in two or limit it to periodic meals rather on most meals. Anywhere is preferable to nothing.

Like other facets of existence that need slowing lower and evaluation, it’s time all of us get intentional with the food we eat. This looks different for every person, but anything, there should not be anxiety when ruining. Reducing just a little is preferable to by no means-and doing the work consistently yields lengthy-term results.

“Reducing just a little is preferable to by no means-and doing the work consistently yields lengthy-term results. ”

That’s the good thing about a flexitarian diet. With a, substandard eating meat just daily. To other people, it’s eating meat once per week or fewer. Keep in mind it’s easy to eat inside a conscious way that’s better for that atmosphere, creatures, and ourselves. Knowing that, bon appétit!

How can you cut lower in your meat consumption? Share your tips around within the comments below.