Faire Collection: Amanda Judge!

Amanda Judge of Faire Collection

Inspired with a need to research poverty reduction strategies within the third world, Amanda Judge left her operate in the loan industry to review social and economic rise in Ecuador. Upon coming in Ecuador, Amanda rapidly recognized that the easiest way for communities to sustainably bring themselves from poverty was through viable employment possibilities and holistic teaching programs.


Faire Collection was birthed as a solution to the present requirement for families who have been stuck inside a cycle of poverty to get access to lucrative markets. For many years, Faire Collection is a transformational pressure within the Social Enterprise and Fair Trade industries, getting ethically sourced goods produced by artisans to major US retailers for example Anthropologie, Free People and Nordstrom. Families who have been once living underneath the weight of periodic poverty in Ecuador and Vietnam, are in possession of the income to transmit their kids to college, to purchase healthcare andimprove their quality of existence for his or her families.

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Faire Collection’s design esthetic is deeply affected by the artisans of Faire Collection as well as their countries of origin. The collections promote the cultural heritage of Ecuador and Vietnam by modernizing ancient strategies to attract modern consumers. Faire Collection’s artisans use natural materials which are sustainably sourced. Through manual, low energy processes, artisans transform this stuff into beads, that have sculptural natural irregularities, in color and form, creating unique and various pieces. Faire Collection’s jobs are vibrant and colorful, associated with the cultural richness from the countries they’re produced in.


Through her use Faire Collection, Amanda has placed a significant focus on developing a company of excellence. At the outset of her use Faire Collection, over many years ago, Amanda had the experience to understand that the social enterprise jewellery line would only succeed if consumers and retailers were confident the within the contemporary design esthetic of her products and excellence of her business practices. Both in fashion and impact, Faire Collection has altered the landscape of what to anticipate from fair trade products.