11 Organic & Fair Trade Teas We’re Sipping On

Fair Trade & Organic Tea For The Mornings

I know full well our team in the Good Trade are big on tea. You’ll find us sipping cup after cup, enjoying its calming and rejuvenating benefits. Regular tea alone, however, can be created of leaves covered in pesticide or sourced by under compensated and overworked maqui berry farmers. Rather, we are able to decide to support organic and fair trade tea brands which are hands-selected and hands-crafted.

We’ve put together 11 brands who’re paving the means by fair trade and organic tea practices. From supporting workers cooperatives to presenting sustainable packaging, these teas ‘re going further to make sure both people and planet remain looked after. So snuggle up, obtain the kettle going, and prepare for any cuppa that’ll get the day began around the right feet.

1. Numi

  • Ethics USDA certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, certified B Corp
  • Features 30 flavors, hands-selected, gives back, compostable packaging, non-GMO
  • Our Pick White-colored Rose Tea ($7.49)
  • Cost Beginning at $7.49 for 18 bags

Numi, an authorized B Corp, includes a concentrate on serving people and planet. Its tea foliage is handpicked by fair trade maqui berry farmers and grown organically with no GMOs. After being sorted, the foliage is put into paper filter bags for optimum sustainability. Seen everywhere from Kroger to Whole-foods, you are able to get certainly one of its 30 flavors online or perhaps in stores, which makes it available to all. Our top pick may be the White-colored Rose flavor, a white-colored tea created using organic whole rose buds. Floral, warm, and comforting.

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2. Alaya Tea

  • Ethics USDA certified organic, biodynamic farms, small batches
  • Features 10 flavors, hands-selected, compostable packaging, regenerative agriculture
  • Our Pick Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea ($22)
  • Cost Beginning at $14 for just two.5 oz. (~35 servings)

Alaya Tea co-founders Esha Chhabra and Smita Satiani built the organization to celebrate the ladies who result in the industry possible, particularly in India. Supporting small maqui berry farmers, tea estates, and also the women tea pickers, Alaya’s small batches certified organic and biodynamic. Plus, having a goal to become zero-waste, its packaging is fully plastic-free and biodegradable. Enjoy loose leaf tea flavors like lemongrass and ginger root, Tulsi Indian tulsi, and darjeeling eco-friendly tea.

3. Us Two Tea

  • Ethics Responsibly sourced on family-owned farms in Taiwan, biodegradable & non-toxic bags
  • Features Four signature flavors & sets, non-GMO, gives back
  • Our Pick Pillowtalk Jasmine Tea ($6.95)
  • Cost $6.95 for five bags (~15 cups)

For premium Asian loose leaf tea, take a look at Us Two Tea. They works together with family-owned farms across Taiwan to directly source four premium types of tea: oolong, black, jasmine, and Baozhong. While each pack contains five bags, each one of these may be used three occasions over. When you’re done, the tea bags are biodegradable! Get this to ritual even simpler.

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4. Steep & Mellow

  • Ethics Ethically sourced ingredients, eco-friendly
  • Features Plant-based tea bags & wrappers, compostable packaging, gives back, build-your-own bundles
  • Our Pick Dream Lavender Tea ($29)
  • Cost $29 for .7 oz

Steep & Mellow is really a natural tea brand having a contagious souped up that puts a grin on the face every time we brew just one cup. We like that it is tea bags are fully compostable, which ingredients include adaptogens and nootropics to improve the mind and creativeness. Whether you need to dream, groove, or flow-the best liquid!

5. Hobbs Tea

  • Ethics B Corp, organic, ethically sourced, eco-friendly inks, Cherokee lady-owned
  • Features 5 flavors, hands-selected, small batch, biodegradable packaging & bags, offers regenerative farming training
  • Our Pick Hawaiian Grown Black Tea ($19)
  • Cost $19 for 10 bags

Dreaming about a Hawaiian getaway? Now you can acquire one step closer with a mug of Hobbs Tea, a natural and ethically sourced tea company from Oahu. Each small batch is handpicked with organic tea that’s the greatest quality around-excessive that you could re-brew the tea nearly 4x, obtaining the most value for your money. This Hawaiian grown teas are shade-dried after being grown in volcanic soil, then hands-completed compostable bags. Healthy for you, great for the earth.

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6. No. 3 Clive Road

  • Ethics Naturally & in your area sourced in India, small batches, gives back
  • Features 15 flavors, vegan, carbon-positive, eco-friendly packaging, refill options
  • Our Pick Madurai Masala Blend
  • Cost Beginning at ?400 for 150 g (~75 servings)

Radhika Chopra launched No. 3 Clive Road in New Delhi, named following the street she resided up with her family. Today, this premium, luxury tea brand in your area sources loose leaf teas and handcrafts small batches in the region-from Assam tea in the Brahmaputra River towards the Darjeeling slopes. And also the team is sustainable, too: It’s single Percent For That Planet member, uses recyclable packaging, while offering refillable tins.

7. T Project

  • Ethics Organic, ethically sourced, eco-friendly & in your area sourced packaging
  • Features 30 flavors, recycled & biodegradable packaging
  • Our Pick Marrakesh Express ($12)
  • Cost Beginning at $12 for 1.5 oz

According to nostalgia alone, we’re big on T Project, a natural and fair trade tea brand that names its flavors after vintage rock songs (California Dreamin’, anybody?). Ethically sourced from Asia and India, Teri Gelber handcrafts small batches of periodic and signature blends. They’re then packaged in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, developing a nearly perfect product. If you are in Portland, you are able to visit available, but don’t worry otherwise: You can find online in a very economical cost-point.

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8. Equal Exchange

  • Ethics USDA certified organic, fair trade, kosher, eco-friendly packaging
  • Features Worker cooperative, 20 flavors, hands-selected, six-pack available
  • Our Pick Organic Rooibos Tea ($3.10)
  • Cost Beginning at $3.10 for 25 bags

Equal Exchange is a gamechanger within the coffee and tea industry since 1986, being among the first companies to create fair trade coffee towards the states. Today, Equal Exchange is really a for-profit worker cooperative, owned equally by every worker, also it operates with fair trade practices and values. Its selection of eco-friendly, black, and herb teas are hands-selected and ethically sourced in India, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria. With nearly 24 flavors, you’ll awaken feeling fresh and focused magnified you choose.

9. Hampstead Tea

  • Ethics Certified organic, fair trade, sustainable, eco-friendly
  • Features 40 flavors, hands-selected, compostable packaging, biodynamic
  • Our Pick Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea (£5.99)
  • Cost Beginning at £2.79 for 25 bags

Hampstead Tea began by Kiran Tawadey, after listening to the well-known Makaibari Estate renowned for its darjeeling tea leaves. She then continued a pursuit to make Makaibari an authorized organic and biodynamic space, making certain that vegetation is grown sustainably and harvested ethically. Resides in the United kingdom, you can find online for worldwide shipping-so we recommend trying its award-winning Darjeeling tea on your own. You will see why everyone’s an admirer.

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10. Arbor Teas

  • Ethics USDA certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, eco-friendly packaging
  • Features 30 flavors, carbon-free, compostable packaging
  • Our Pick Organic Lychee Black Tea ($8.95)
  • Cost $8.95 for just two.5 oz (~31 servings)

Arbor Teas believes we are able to have premium ingredients and full-bodied flavors without compromising sustainability and human legal rights. Its teas are organically produced better for growers, consumers, and also the business. Plus, it utilizes fair trade practices in China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, and across Nigeria, so that you can sip without worry. They goes further by utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and sourcing through the entire logistics.

11. Guayaki

  • Ethics USDA certified organic, fair trade, certified B Corp, regenerative farming
  • Features Loose leaf Yerba Mate, eco-friendly, kosher, non-GMO
  • Our Pick Loose Leaf Yerba Mate ($18)
  • Cost $18 for 16 oz. (~150 servings)

Guayaki isn’t your traditional tea brand. Rather of opting for black or eco-friendly teas, its niche is Yerba Mate, a plant accustomed to make medicine. Some tea drinkers prefer Yerba Mate, noted for its chocolate-y flavor, health advantages, and caffeine-like energy. Guayaki describes its loose leaf Yerba Mate as “rich, robust, and balanced, having a complex earthy body along with a smooth mellow finish.” Hot, cold, or iced, this organic and fair trade tea will make you feel healthier than ever before.