Fair Trade In Focus: 5 Brands Supporting Fair Wage Craftsmanship In Mexico!

Brands Supporting Fair Labor In Mexico

Mexico is not only a shoreline of vacation destinations. It is composed of many unique cultures through the country well over 120 million people. These cultural brands concentrate on individual artisans in various towns and communities across Mexico to supply fair wages and encourage local designs to flourish. Having the ability to assistance artisans whilst getting some amazing home and clothing pieces is really a win-win. Most of these websites try to assistance ladies and give them independence. Purchase others with five in our favorite brands from Mexico!

1. Able

  • Fair Trade Brands In Mexico – Able
  • Range Of Products Women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories
  • Cost $$

Why Mexico? Able is centered on getting careers to women around the world because when mentioned by UNICEF, “Women reinvest 80 % of the earnings to their families, while men invest only thirty to forty percent.” Able presently has branched to helping women in Ethiopia, The U . s . States, Peru, and Mexico. Their accessories and clothes are created by ladies and their goods are beautiful I’m all heart-eyed-emoji over everything they create.


2. Minna

  • Fair Trade Brands In Mexico – Minna Home Items
  • Range Of Products Home woven goods and private accessories
  • Cost $$$

Why Mexico? Named for founder Sara’s rebellious grandmother Minna, she’s switched her desire for weaving right into a multicountry company, helping provide jobs and fair wages to groups of traditional weavers from Mexico and Guatemala. Remaining in keeping with most of the traditional designs, Minna creates one-of-a-kind pieces for your house.


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3. Nisolo

  • Fair Trade Brands In Mexico – Nisolo Footwear
  • Range Of Products Women’s and men’s footwear and accessories
  • Cost $$$

Why Mexico? Nisolo is really a fan favorite in the Good Trade due to their dedication to creating durability, beautiful footwear inside a fair wage atmosphere. Getting partner factories in Leon, Mexico with more than 400 artisans, Nisolo has the capacity to offer fair wages along with a safe work atmosphere towards the locals, when they practice traditional leatherworking. Their footwear and accessories are created to last and opt for any outfit.


4. Ara Collective

  • Fair Trade Home Items Produced In Mexico – Ara Collective
  • Range Of Products Home items
  • Cost $$$

Why Mexico? Sarah Contrucci Cruz, founding father of Ara Collective, began her business due to her passion for travel and native goods. The collective assists local artisans all over the world to aid their own families and then make traditional goods. Their mission, “we believe everyone-regardless of the social, economic or geographic situation these were born into-deserves the liberty to uncover, to dream and also to thrive” is true in their business design.


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5. Purpose Jewellery

  • Fair Trade Brands In Mexico – Purpose Jewellery
  • Range Of Products Jewellery
  • Cost $$

Why Mexico? Purpose Jewellery is planning to finish human trafficking in regions, including Mexico because “1 in 4 sex workers in Tijuana say these were forced in to the sex trade as minors”. Through their goods, Purpose Jewellery activly works to help women leave the sex trade and join the Worldwide Sanctuary, training them in jewellery making, providing them with fair wage jobs, and counseling. Their jewellery is really as inspiring because it is stunning and wearable.


As James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett Sing “Oh, Mexico, I’ve never really been but I’d sure prefer to go,” Get motivated with these inspiring brands to discover and explore Mexico.