Faces Canada

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Faces is a renowned beauty brand, popularly known as Faces Canada, that offers an astounding range of lipsticks, nail enamels, skin foundations, eyeliners, kajal, and various other beauty and skin care products. This, more than 40-year old brand offers vegan formulated products that are dermatologically tested and suit every skin type, complexion, texture, and tone. Moreover, the hypoallergenic products that Faces Canada offers do not harm the users’ skin or lead to any kind of reaction.

Faces, the globally acclaimed brand, entered the Indian market in the year 2009 and became everyone’s favourite owing to the excellent range. The brand makes sure that high-quality products reach the customers at the most competitive prices. The unique innovations and formulations of the products go well with all the skin tone types making users look chic and glamorous.

In India, Faces Canada products are available in more than 140 cities and towns at more than 1500 retail stores. Besides, there are numerous websites that offer Faces Canada products online where you can make a choice amongst different types of products and avail them by applying Faces Canada coupon code.

Types of Beauty Products by Faces Canada

You can make a choice amongst Faces Canada products online right from the comfort of your home and buy them at discounted prices by applying Faces Canada discount code. These beauty products are available for different functionalities and in different color options & sizes.

Below mentioned is the application area along with the type of product that you can choose and make a choice accordingly:

Eyes: Faces Canada offers exuberant eye makeup products such as kajal, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and more that beautifies the eyes of the user and makes them attractive.

Face: A wide range of face makeup and skin care products are offered by Face Canada to enhance the beauty of the user. The product range includes primer, concealer, foundation, compact, BB & CC creams and highlighter. Apart from this, you can choose to buy various skin care products such as face masks & peels, face wash, moisturizer, makeup remover, face serum, toner, and more.

Hands: A fascinating range of nail enamels are offered by Faces Canada in different shades that can be applied for different occasions. And not just nail paints but you can also make a choice amongst sanitizers, nail polish remover and hand wash that cater to your hygiene purposes.

Lips: You can buy Face Canada lipsticks in a plethora of shades that make your lips look fuller, sharper, or sleeker. Also, there are lip liners available from the brand that make your applied lipstick look more attractive.

Enjoy more savings with Faces Canada vouchers online

You can check out the wide range of Face Canada products online right from the convenience of your space. There is no need to visit a retail shop and make a purchase. The online process is very simple, fast, and money-saving. You can choose the product of your choice and apply Faces Canada promo code that not just maximizes your savings but also makes your online shopping a memorable one.

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