Everything you need to know about 1950s and 1960s Fashion Style


According to the fashion world’s cultural characteristics, “fashion may be defined as the cultural establishment of the personify specification.” In the 1950s, the fashion world shows a clear gender division. The fashion of men and boys becomes comfortable day by day, but the fashion of women and girls moves toward the graceful, pleasantry, and attractive.

The clarity in the fashion world contains near about one decay. and this popular look of 1950s fashion women’s wear of fashion evolved from “1940s”. In 1947 during “Christian Dior’s New Look” appeared, it became rapidly increasing and grateful in the fashion world.

So, until the mid of 1950s, the leading styles were “nipped-in waist and full-skirted silhouette.” the silhouette became straight and narrow as the 1950s passed away. It has become a popular trend among teenagers and the new generation. This fashion also provides inspiration, elegance, and a good personality to teenagers and the new generation.

Women wear in1950s:

In the 1950s, the initial resistance became almost clear, and the “new silhouette” changed in women’s daywear and evening wear, according to “curator Daniel Milford-Cottam about the fashion in the 1950s”.

The most particular aspect of this decay was that.” if two women walk on a street wearing two different dresses, they both look in their attitude as one of them wear little and fitting sheath dress In contrast, the one wears loose sack dress.”

Menswear in the 1950s:

Although women’s wear fashion in the 1950s was considered a good and attractive trend, men’s fashion moved toward the naturalness that had not been seen before. The young women wear tight dresses that suit them, but the men wear non-familiar dresses, called “youth culture” in the 1950s.

Children wear in the 1950s:

In the 1950s, children’s fashion followed that trend found in their young and adult correlatives. The young girls wore skirts with their full matching accessories. But the young boys wore those casual dresses which were more comfortable and peaceful.

The synthetic material used as adult clothes is also used in kids’ clothes because these clothes are easily washable. In the earlier decades, the young men normally wore “collared shirts, ties, and shorts” until those young men were reached old age and wore “long trousers.”

Although in 1950s, teenage boys wore jeans on most occasions for their comfort and fashion. It became very rare for teenage boys and young people to wear “ties and collared shirts” for casual use throughout the decades. “Colorful, short-sleeved, collared shirts” became the most famous option for daily use.

According to the 1950s fashion, the young girl’s cuboids were full of perfectly matched clothes and accessories. The young girls’ dresses became more “natural waists, full skirts, and puffed sleeves as the decade progressed.”

So, in the decay of 1950, the girl’s dresses were in different styles “Dropped waists, smock dresses, pinafores, bold colors, and playful patterns.” On special and unique occasions, young girls generally wore the “blouse and full skirt, which held up with shoulder straps and covered by a matching jacket.”

At the start of the decade, the most popular dresses were Novelty items like poodle skirts, but lately, sheath dresses and slacks became more acceptable at the last of the decade.


So, the decay of the 1950s offered a lot of options both to the men’s and women’s fashion styles. In the mid-century, people have worn many different and unique styles never seen before.