Ethical jewellery: the brands to have on your radar for 2022!

If you are searching to purchase ethical fashion this season, it isn’t an enormous leap to visualize you’ll want to consider ethical jewellery too.

It’s usually tempting to impulse buy affordable trend-brought pieces, but it might be just a little counter-productive. To begin with, you may drop out of affection with these questions season, but more to the point, you do not understand how they’re made.

Are you aware where your jewellery is sourced from – especially with regards to diamonds? Exactly. So if you wish to change how you shop and purchase some pieces which will last and won’t cause you to feel guilty, you’ve come right place.

Scroll lower for many pointers and also to shop the moral jewellery brands we like.

What’s ethical jewellery?

The bottom line is, it’s jewellery which has no bad effect on those who allow it to be, or even the atmosphere they’re created in. That may mean:

Using materials you are able to trace to the origin, to make sure they’ve been created within an ethical way, eg, fair trade materials and conflict-free diamonds

  • Using recycled materials for example gemstones
  • Using synthetic diamonds
  • Not using child work and making certain fair wages and dealing hrs
  • Not using practices that pollute or change up the atmosphere inside a negative way

What exactly are ethical diamonds?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2006 Bloodstream Diamonds really reveal the problem of conflict diamonds, also known as bloodstream diamonds, as they’re found in areas controlled by rebels, who then make use of the money to purchase weapons or finance war activities.

To avoid buying any conflict diamonds, you would like so that you can trace their origin. Nowadays, it’s easy to buy synthetically farmed diamonds (and also the quality is every bit good), or buy diamonds from the jeweler who adheres towards the Kimberley Process, which helps to ensure that exported diamonds are conflict-free.

You may also go lower the antique route as you’re effectively recycling a mature gemstone.

Lab-grown diamonds

Increasingly more jewellery brands are venturing into lab grown diamonds. Pandora launched its first collection in 2021, although brands for example Lark & Berry, Leo & Lumi and Kimai all concentrate on creating jewellery with man-made diamonds.

There’s still some confusion round the process, with lots of people unsure whether lab-grown diamonds are really the diamonds. Rapid response is yes. Actually, you would not have the ability to differentiate, because the quality is identical: think carat, cut, colour and clearness. They’re produced inside a rough uncut form, after which cut and polished fit, similar to a found gemstone. More to the point, there’s without doubt they’re ethically and sustainably sourced.

Lab-grown diamonds also are usually just a little less expensive than found diamonds, when you are eliminating the mining process and there’s a lesser mark-up.

Ethical jewellery brands

Need to know where you can shop some beautiful ethical jewellery brands? From Alighieri to Roxanne First, Wald to Vashi, scroll lower to purchase a lot of our favourite pieces, from gemstone earrings to gold necklaces.


Vashi consider their effect on the atmosphere at each step, from getting jewellery manufacturing in-store and lowering their carbon footprint through local, demand-brought production, to presenting recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds. They feel that authenticity is paramount to delivering genuine social good, and that’s why they’ve selected to maneuver from the programme of Corporate Social Responsibility-brought initiatives to 1 of Ecological Social Governance.



Kimaï is paving the way in which because the innovative jewellery brand whose mission would be to redefine modern luxury by utilizing lab-grown diamonds and fully recycled 18kt gold to produce unique bits of jewellery with complete visibility. The lab-grown diamonds used are chemically and physically just like found ones with no ethical or ecological effects. We are deeply in love with their new alternative diamond engagement ring collection.


Roxanne First

Roxanne First jewellery is a superb destination if you are searching for fine jewellery with conflict-free and ethical diamonds and metals. They handpick suppliers who they visit personally, making certain each piece is made of responsibly sourced materials. The costs are fair too, as they have cut the center man then sell direct towards the consumer, meaning you receive affordable diamonds, without compromising on quality.



Atteya, in the Arabic ‘Atiya’ meaning gift, is definitely an ethical fine jewellery brand for that modern and conscious. Inspired by ancient talismans and natural forms available on travels far and near, Atteya jewellery holds a distinctive and timeless individuality. It’s produced from recycled gold and silver and ethically sourced gemstones, and hand crafted using eco-friendly energy in England.

Atteya’s ethical gifts are categorised into three overarching collections, In Wood, In Water and Talisman, evolving naturally with time. The company also gives back 5% of their profits to social and ecological non profit organizations.



The company creates beautiful and sustainable jewellery having a contemporary twist. Their collections range from the Flower Collection – an edit of necklaces featuring ‘birth month’ flowers, the Stone Collection and numerous stunning rings, earrings and necklaces.

All Francesca Us dot jewellery is sustainable and ethically created, produced from recycled 925 silver & 18kt gold, from Responsible Jewellery Council certified companies. Additionally to presenting sustainable materials, Francesca Dot’s pieces are created in small production runs, from artisan jewelers. They’re enthusiastic about the earth, and be sure all packaging is made of recyclable or multiple-use materials.


Milly Elegance

Milly Elegance creates responsibly made high-quality pieces with no traditional retail mark-up. She is only for ethically credited suppliers, and works perfectly into a circular economy by: sourcing recycled 925 silver (from undesirable jewellery or unused electronic and medical equipment), FSC certified recyclable branded packaging.


Alice Gwyneth Jewellery

United kingdom based Alice Gwyneth launched her eponymous brand in 2018 and focuses on the sustainable and ethical style of jewellery and homeware. Each piece is hand crafted by Alice herself, and specialized to make sure there’s no stock or material wastage. Creating her collections in the lost art of wax casting, Alice makes her jewellery from eco silver and recycled gold and brass and uses the best ethically sourced gemstones.



Shyla is really a morally motivated jewellery brand founded by London-based designer Alice Blofeld. Inspired by her passion for vintage jewellery, she creates created hydro glass hoop earrings and chunky glass stone rings using recycled materials. Shyla works together with several small non profit organizations educating a few of the poorest women in India by teaching them an art they are able to learn how to support and sustain their own families. Additionally, it uses recycled silver and gold and all sorts of packaging is recycled.


Wilhelmina Garcia

Launched this year, this jewellery brand is inspired by Wonderland. The designer, Rocio Canals, may be the multifaceted creative which goes behind the Wilhelmina Garcia a pseudonym and magical persona that they produced to create and reinvented herself again with the jewellery where she informs tales.