11 Sustainable Denim Brands You Should Know Exist!

Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Jeans

A lot of us reside in and love our jeans. ?? A great pair of jeans blends fashion and performance in a manner that very few bits of clothing can.

This is exactly why, whenever we continued searching for sustainable jeans brands, we searched for ones which are mixing ethics and quality together to revolt from the trends of fast fashion and irresponsible production. These jeans brands are pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing, asking tough questions regarding supply chains, and building items that last.

For American-made special gems, take a look at our help guide to the very best jeans brands made in the united states.

1. Reformation

  • Ethics Fair labor & wages, sustainable & organic fabrics, eco-friendly practices, climate-neutral
  • Styles Available Women’s jeans
  • Sizing -22 (2X)
  • Beginning At $78

Reformation’s vintage-inspired jeans are certain to make heads turn, from the simple cuts to flirty shorts. Produced from organic cotton, TENCEL, and 2 percent elastane, this jeans can last you for many years. These pieces are stitched together in Poultry where workers are compensated fair wages. Plus, Reformation’s eco-friendly process saves a large number of gallons water, too. Chic, affordable, and sustainable.


2. Levi’s

  • Ethics Eco-friendly practices, sustainable & recycled fabrics, gives back, secondhand shop
  • Styles Available Adult, teen, & children’s jeans
  • Sizing 00-26 (3X)
  • Beginning At $24.99

Levi’s is nearly symbolic of jeans. For many years, it’s been a number one manufacturer for jeans, jackets, and each type of jeans among with great power comes great responsibility. That is why it’s now use eco-friendly practices that reduce water consumption, recycle and re-purpose old vintage jeans, responsibly source cotton and Tencel™ Lyocell, and much more. Whether you’re about slim fit, high-rise, or tapered jeans, you will find unlimited fits, sizes, and colours here.


3. Warp Weft

  • Ethics Fair labor & wages, eco-friendly factories, sustainable practices & materials
  • Styles Available Adult & children’s jeans
  • Sizing 00-24 (3X)
  • Beginning At $26

Among the more size-inclusive, ethically made, and sustainable jeans companies available on the market, it’s no shocker that Warp Weft is on the list. This family-owned make of 30 years is obsessive about the right fit, with options as much as women’s size 24 and 48” waists because of its Big and Tall collection. Warp Weft also saves and recycles 98 percent from the water it uses because of its vertical manufacturing operation. Now that’s the type of jeans you want to purchase.


4. Nudie Jeans

  • Ethics GOTS certified organic cotton & recycled materials, sustainable production, living wages, carbon offsetting, secondhand shop, repair services
  • Styles Available Adult jeans
  • Sizing W26-36” (waist)
  • Beginning At $185

Nudie Jeans was driven by a real love for dry jeans: raw, untreated jeans that reveals much more about both you and your existence the more you reside in (with) them. Since these jeans should be worn over and over, Nudie offers free tear repairs for existence. If you are completed with some permanently, get 20 % off a brand new pair whenever you submit a classic one-most of which will be offered again included in its Re-Use collection. Whether high-waisted or mid-, tapered or straight, Nudie’s cotton is definitely either recycled or GOTS certified organic.


5. Mott & Bow

  • Ethics Artisan-produced in Honduras, in-house production, fair wages, sustainably sourced quality jeans
  • Styles Available Adult jeans
  • Sizing 24-32 (-14)
  • Beginning At $96

Sourcing quality cotton jeans in the world’s finest jeans mills, like Turkey’s Orta Andalou, Mott & Bow is making high-caliber jeans in a fair cost. By continuing to keep production inside the organization-in a longstanding family-run fair wage factory in Honduras-Mott & Bow sell straight to consumers without all of the retail markups. Additionally, it provides a free home try-on service for many styles to get the right fit.


6. Boyish

  • Ethics OEKO-TEX certified & recycled fabrics, eco-friendly & low waste processes, ethically made, climate-neutral, gives back
  • Styles Available Women’s jeans
  • Sizing 22-32 (2-14)
  • Beginning At $158

Five-hundred billion gallons water are utilized to make U.S. jeans alone, each year. Rather, Boyish produces jeans with simply a small fraction of water needed-and it is recycled. Pair by using sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical practices, and you have jeans that’s as pure because it feels. Raise your look with frayed jeans, restore the jeans skirt, or hop into some stylish overalls. Regardless of what look you’re opting for, Boyish includes a timeless and simple fit to complement.


7. Outland Jeans

  • Ethics Certified B Corp, ethically produced in Cambodia, eco-friendly packaging & practices, sustainable jeans, gives back
  • Styles Available Adult jeans
  • Sizing XXS-XXXL
  • Beginning At $95 AUD

For more than ten years, Outland Jeans around australia has labored tirelessly to help make the fashion industry better. This certified B Corp teams track of at-risk women in Cambodia to ethically produce its casual collection. In 2020 alone, the company employed 750 staff, used 57 percent less energy being produced, and gave go back over $1,000,000 AUD. Help uplift people and planet using these jeans.



  • Ethics Fair labor & wages, sustainable materials, women’s empowerment
  • Styles Available Women’s jeans
  • Sizing 23-33 (2-14)
  • Beginning At $85

ABLE’s vintage-inspired and cost-effective jeans collection is the best accessory for the sporadic-chic wardrobe. Rich in-rise and slouchy styles plus the classic skinny jean, there is a fun, edgy pair for everybody. If you do not obtain the right size the very first time, ABLE also provides limitless free returns and exchanges before you discover the perfect pair. The organization is devoted to making lengthy-term economic impact by using female artisans all over the world.


9. Buck Mason

  • Ethics Responsibly sourced cotton, Domestic production
  • Styles Available Men’s jeans
  • Sizing 28-40 (Men’s XS-3XL)
  • Beginning At $95

Buck Mason began by Erik Allen and Sasha Koehn using the beliefs in American staples (from tees to Oxford shirts to jeans) at its core. Up to now, the company makes thousands and thousands of merchandise within the U.S. growing its domestic production by over 100 % each year since 2014. They has expanded to worldwide production too, making certain that goods are fairly and responsibly made. There are also Buck Mason’s stores in LA, NY, and SF.


10. DL1961

  • Ethics Eco-friendly & energy-efficient production, sustainable & recycled materials, vertically integrated logistics, ethically made, gives back
  • Styles Available Adult & children’s jeans
  • Sizing 00-26
  • Beginning At $55

For DL1961’s dreamy jeans, they uses innovative eco-friendly and recycled fibers along with a vertically integrated system reduced its quantity of water, dye, and needed. The pieces also incorporate TENCEL and modal to improve durability, gentleness, and sustainability. Not to mention, DL1961 comes with an indisputable pulse on chic jeans fashion and ethical innovation. Thoughtful and timeless, the company will get two thumbs up from us.

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11. Citizens of Humanity

  • Ethics Vertically integrated production, low-waste & eco-friendly processes, sustainable & recycled fabrics, ethically made, gives back
  • Styles Available Adult jeans
  • Sizing 22-34 (00-14)
  • Beginning At $178

Citizens of Humanity understands precisely how important sustainability is. Being an LA-based brand, the organization manufactures its jeans inside a city that encounters droughts firsthand. That is why they integrates eco-friendly practices into everything they are doing, including sourcing recycled and organic cotton (which utilizes less water!), laser-cut styles to lessen waste, and purchasing high-efficiency washers. With a large number of jeans styles for those genders, there is a sustainable pair for you personally.