What Are Enneagram Triads?

Are You Living Inside Your Heart, Mind, or Body?

The Enneagram isn’t only a number or typing system. It’s something with depth and endless layers for exploration and self-discovery. Triads, also known as Intelligence Centers, is one such layer.

“By comprehending the Triads, we are able to better understand ourselves and just how we react and respond around the world.”

The Triads educate us about our habitual responses: namely, the way we filter our encounters. Your Enneagram number determines which from the Triads you fit in with: Feeling (Heart), Thinking (Mind), or Instinctual (Gut). For instance, being an Enneagram 4, My home is the sensation Triad (Heart Center), meaning I process encounters by means of feelings first (hence why I’ve sometimes been considered ‘too sensitive’).

By comprehending the Triads, we are able to better understand ourselves and just how we react and respond around the world. This really is useful for locating balance, as possible move between Triads after we realize our dominant one.

This understanding can also be helpful for relationships, as it can certainly allow us to empathize with this family, buddies, and coworkers who can experience existence via a different lens. Ultimately, as with all Enneagram work, Triads are another tool for more learning, growth, and conscious living.

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Here is a brief summary of each Triad, alongside recommendations for finding balance outdoors of the dominant center. If you wish to dive much deeper, I suggest teachers like Helen Palmer and Beatrice Chestnut. And when you’re a new comer to the Enneagram, here’s an introduction to all nine types, in addition to strategies for finding your number.

The Center Center

  • Enneagram Figures 2, 3, 4

If you are an Enneagram Two, Three, or Four, you fit in with the sensation Triad, also referred to as The Center Center. Figures within this space filter the planet with an emotional lens and may easier access their feelings.

Individuals people who reside in the center Center are impelled by an excuse for connection. We crave closeness and love from others so when we don’t feel (focus on feel) this connection, we all experience deep guilt and shame, believing ourselves in some way problematic and undeserving.

“The work with us Heart Center types would be to grow interested in our feelings.”

The job for all of us Heart Center types would be to grow interested in our feelings. Feelings could be deceitful and make false illusions and narratives.

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Methods To Find Balance Feelings aren’t always truthful or encompassing from the main issue. Seek balance by borrowing in the Thinking and Instinctual Triads. Take classes on the web to get involved with your mind, and check out breathing exercises to maneuver to your body. With each and every interaction and experience, welcome the entire selection of your emotions whilst acknowledging your ideas and instincts. Think about: Exactly what do my body and mind are saying at this time?

The Mind Center

  • Enneagram Figures 5, 6, 7

The Thinking Triad (Mind Center) includes figures Five, Six, and 7. Should you fit in with this Triad, you filter existence with an intellectual lens. You’re motivated by an excuse for security and, when that require isn’t met, you frequently feel stressed or anxious.

“When you go camping inside your mind, you risk inaction and detachment out of your heart and the body.”

Possibly you have been said “overthink things.” This isn’t an adverse habit, as taking your time and effort with decisions is really a virtue. However when you go camping inside your mind, you risk inaction and detachment out of your heart and the body.

For this reason movement with the Feeling and Instinctual triad is important for your wellbeing. Pay attention to your ideas and thank them for turning up. Then welcome your feelings and the body in to the room. Analyzing your encounters is common, as lengthy while you don’t allow perceived logic and reason (or lack thereof) to dictate every decision.

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Methods To Find Balance Practicing selection, following through, and embracing your emotions. Try journaling to make contact with your Heart Center, and spend some time anyway to rehearse embodiment and also to get outdoors of the mind.

The Gut Center

  • Enneagram Figures 8, 9, 1

The Instinctual Triad (Gut Center) is dominant for Enneagram types Eight, Nine, and something. Of these figures, things are visceral, and encounters are filtered with the body. The middle of gravity is incorporated in the belly along with a strong intuition informs decisions.

“The work with Instinctual Triad figures would be to pause, and also to turn to the center and Mind Center for assist with knowledge and empathy.”

If you reside in the Gut Center, you’re likely instinctual and react quickly for your surroundings. Rarely would you pause to consider or feel the right path with an experience. Your desire is control. So when you are feeling you’ve dropped it, anger, frustration, and rash decisions can succeed. While action and response are fantastic tools, they’re best practiced with the mind and heart.

The job for Instinctual Triad figures would be to stop and to appear towards the Heart and Mind Center for assist with knowledge and empathy. As the body has a lot to state, it sometimes needs the aid of another Triads for balance.

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Methods To Find Balance To gain access to another Triads, practice breathing, and adopt a mindfulness or meditation practice. Open yourself up and permit your heart to talk. Talk therapy, while helpful for each Enneagram number, could be especially advantageous for engaging your emotions.