Emily in Paris Season 2: What does Camille’s message to Emily mean in the ending?

The most popular and questionable Netflix platform drama Emily in Paris is preparing because of its season 2. But, fans happen to be speaking concerning the text within the season’s final scene between Camille (Camille Razat) and Emily (Lily Collins).

When Emily found her apartment in Paris to operate in a marketing company known as Savoir, she met her neighbor named Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), creating a friendship that increased slowly and gradually.

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Emily and Gabriel recognized that they chemistry and lastly kissed, but there is a large problem, Gabriel were built with a girlfriend. Through things in existence, Camille (Camille Razat) befriended Emily and confided in her own about Gabriel, which put Emily within an awkward position.

Within the final instances of the very first season, Gabriel says he was relocating to Normandy and the man had ended his relationship with Camille. He and Emily shared a night together before he left, and Emily felt better about moving forward, understanding that Gabriel could be gone.

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However, inside a surprise twist, Gabriel made the decision to remain. So through the finish from the show, a text from Camille was proven, asking Emily when they could talk immediately.

Now, what keeps all fans uneasy is whether or not Camille in some way discovered Emily and Gabriel’s hug or their evening out together. Right now, Camille is among Emily’s only buddies in Paris, so it might be unfortunate doing spend her more than a “betrayal” between buddies.

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