7 Bamboo And Tencel Sheets That Are Eco-Friendly & Perfectly Soft!

Why Tencel & Bamboo?

Sourcing cotton is usually a draining and inefficient process, requiring 20,000 liters just for 2 pounds of cotton. With non-organic cotton sheets because the norm in lots of households, think of the waste and water employed for your king-sized bed alone! But you will find sustainable (as well as softer) alternatives: Tencel and bamboo.

Bamboo and Tencel (from eucalyptus) are generally grown sustainably, without using pesticides or insecticides. Using just a small fraction of water required for sourcing, these eco-friendly alternatives can thrive in areas not typically suited to agriculture. They are not only porous and hypo-allergenic, but they’re also antibacterial, moisture wicking, and a few of the softest fibers around.

We’ve found 7 bamboo and Tencel sheets which are as eco-friendly because they are luxurious. You’ll never sleep exactly the same again. If you are searching to change your whole sleep situation, take a look at our help guide to natural and eco-friendly mattresses!

West Elm

  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly 100% Tencel, fair trade
  • Features 300 thread-count, fits mattresses as much as 16” deep
  • Cost Range $39 (pillowcase)-$149 (Master sheets)

Everybody wants our bedrooms is the coziest space within our home-because of West Elm’s Tencel bedding and duvet bedding, we’re one-stop nearer to which makes it happen. These smooth and smooth sheets are manufactured from sustainable eucalyptus fibers, and are certain to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Produced in an authorized Fair Trade factory, these 300 thread-count sheets provides you with the restful night’s sleep you deserve.



  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly Organic, Fair Trade Certified, GOTS Certified, nontoxic, produced in USA
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 22” deep, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic, odor resistant
  • Cost Range $89 (twin)-$139 (full)

Well suited for the sleeper with sensitive skin, Plushbeds sells bedding made from organic cotton, tencel, and bamboo. Their bamboo bed sheets are hypo-allergenic, odor resistant, and moisture wicking so that you can sleep with no irritation or sweat. Not just are these sheets Fair Trade Certified, but they’re also made in the united states. Sleep soundly knowing you’re doing good.


Bamboo Supply Co

  • Bamboo Supply Co – Bamboo.digital
  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly 100% bamboo, sustainable, hypo-allergenic
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 18” deep, 320 thread-count, hypo-allergenic, thermal controlling
  • Cost Range $185 (double)-$215 (Master)

Bamboo Supply Co is renowned for the “world’s softest sheets,” and you’ll seem like you’re in a luxurious resort any time you put on bed. Using 100% Viscose from Bamboo, their 320 thread-count feels softer than the greatest cotton count, including a smooth and breathable finish. You’ll never want to get away from bed using these.



  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly 100% viscose from bamboo, renewable & sustainable
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 18” deep, thermal controlling, 320 thread-count, hypo-allergenic
  • Cost Range $239 (queen)-$239 (king)

They at Cariloha is really confident you’ll love your sheets they provide a lifetime guarantee. Their bamboo bed sheets include 320 thread-count with box-stitch seams along with a Sateen finish, providing you with the right balance of level of smoothness and sturdiness. Better still, the Bamboo provides thermal controlling. It’s no question they’ve nearly 1,300 5-star reviews.


Pure Fiber

  • Pure Fiber.digital
  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly Bamboo, tencel, sustainable
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 17” deep, 250-300 thread-count, moisture wicking
  • Cost Range $196 (queen)-$206 (Master)

Couple together luxurious style and sustainable materials, and you’ve found Pure Fiber. They provide both Bamboo and Tencel sheets in 250 thread-count, designed to provide you with probably the most comfortable sleep around. Lightweight, gentle to touch, and odor resistant-you’ll adore them quickly. Additionally they provide organic and eco-friendly bedding for babies and adults, so everyone is going to be lifelong fans.


Linen Health spa

  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly Tencel & 100% rayon from bamboo
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 22” deep, thermal controlling, moisture wicking
  • Cost Range $99 (twin)-$169 (Master)

Impress your home visitors with Linen Spa’s Tencel and Bamboo bed sheets. With eco-friendly sheets that appear to be just like they think, this bedding is really as smooth because they are breathable. Plus, they include ultra deep pockets and full-length elastic and are certain to fit any bed mattress around. For those who have sensitive skin, you might have just discovered your brand-new favorite sheets.

SHOP LINEN Health spa

Malouf Sleep

  • Ethics/Eco-Friendly 100% rayon from bamboo
  • Features Fits mattresses as much as 22” deep, moisture wicking, thermal controlling, hypo-allergenic
  • Cost Range $184 (twin)-$223 (Master)

Have the R&R you deserve with Malouf Sleep’s gorgeous sheets. In 6 stunning colors, they provide Bamboo bed sheets that feel glamorous and soft, whilst being durable and lengthy-lasting. We’d most like to begin using these sheets for children’s bedrooms, because they are antibacterial, resistant against odors, and excellent for anybody with easily irritable skin. You’ll wish to snuggle during sex forever after only one night during these.