52 Creative Writing Prompts For Weekly Inspiration Throughout 2022!

When Ever The Tank Feels Dry

This season, I wish to start writing fiction. It’s an objective I’ve had on my small mind for any couple of several weeks now, but because an essayist and nonfiction author, I’ve been getting into my mind about this. I do not know steps to make up tales or create figures. But it’s something I wish to learn.

In getting ready to get this to pivot, I’ve learned that writing prompts are invaluable. They are able to allow us to consider tales and subject material in new ways and function an origin of inspiration.

But for authors who aren’t searching to test a brand new genre, prompts could be helpful when we’re inside a rut or take some creative magic. The instructions might help obtain the words flowing.

While these writing prompts are organized by month, they are created to be used whenever you want. You can abide by it weekly or jump around. You may want to take breaks all year round or come during the summer time if you have additional time to create-that’s okay, too! Make use of this list nevertheless it matches your needs as well as your creative flow!

For more inspiration and encouragement, below are great tips for beginning a writing practice.

The month of january

1. A persons spirit is powerful. Talk about an event inside your existence which has made you more resilient.

2. Releasing resolutions is often as essential as reaching them. Write an essay that you think about an answer you didn’t keep.

3. Martin Luther King Junior. stated, “I am uninterested in power for power’s sake, but I’m thinking about energy that is moral, that’s right and that’s good.” Write a tale by which your primary character uses their ability permanently. Finish it having a time jump showing the lengthy-term ripple effects.

4. Craft a poem about the very first time you felt snow. ?? (And when you’ve never witnessed snow, write a poem about how exactly you’d imagine so that it is.)


5. Exactly what does it mean to state ‘I adore you?’ Write an essay which includes an anecdote about the very first time you remember feeling loved.

6. Write a comedy story in the outlook during a cafe or restaurant server on Love Day.

7. Who had been your childhood closest friend? Write an essay using second-person (try crafting it as being instructions) by what that friendship designed to you.

8. Consider a popular story or fairytale out of your childhood. Rewrite it by having an alternative ending.


9. Write a scene with different recent encounter having a stranger.

10. For Worldwide Women’s Day (March 8), write an initial-person story that can take place in a protest throughout the women’s liberation movement.

11. Within an essay, think about the ladies who’ve helped you feel what you are today.

12. Craft a poem in the outlook during the sun’s rays in recognition from the spring equinox (March 20).

13. In spring, there’s a turning. Write an essay about how exactly the periodic changes mirror a change in your existence.


14. Write a poem about the strength of music. Begin using these playlists for inspiration.

15. Produce a short story that starts with you getting out of bed on the train destined for somewhere warm.

16. For Earth Day ?? (April 22), write an essay about sustainable living. Exactly what does it mean for you? If you want help getting began, try opening the piece by having an anecdote about the very first time you considered global warming and sustainability.

17. Within the circle of existence, beginnings are preceded by endings. Talk about an ending which has brought to a different starting in your existence.


18. Write another-person story about two buddies playing while it is raining. Instead of concentrating on creating climax, try to capture their feelings of pure love and friendship.

19. What’s something you’ve been frightened of? Write the next-tense essay about how and when you’ll overcome this fear.

20. Toni Morrison once authored, “Definitions fit in with the definers, and not the defined.” Write an essay defining yourself, beginning using the sentence, “To others, I might seem…but that isn’t who I’m.”

21. Write a poem regarding your first pet. If you’ve didn’t have a dog, talk about your plants or anything else you’ve looked after.


22. Write a summer time scene that starts with dialogue.

23. Inside a personal essay, describe your last vacation, but talk about the trip in our-tense.

24. Write a brief story from your inanimate object’s perspective, in both nature or in your house.

25. The primary figures inside your story go on the camping trip. However when they return in the forest, their city is not there. Actually, they’re not able to find any manifestation of civilization. Write a suspenseful thriller by what happens next.

26. Craft a poem while using word “citrus.” ??

This summer

27. Inside a personal essay, revisit a minute whenever you learned to consider your personal advice.

28. By using this listing of instrumental covers, rewrite the lyrics to some hit song.

29. Write a tale by which you’re a tourist and visiting your house city the very first time.

30. Two buddies remove a ship around the lake and uncover water has magic forces. Write an illusion scene regarding their adventure.

31. Find out about your Enneagram number, then write an individual essay with anecdotes that exemplify your fundamental desire and fundamental fear.


32. Write an essay with the lens of the childhood self regarding your newbie in school. Play the role of as specific as you possibly can, such as the names of buddies and teachers. You should use old photos or speak to your parents for reference as needed.

33. Sometime now, spend a couple of minutes sitting outdoors or looking your window to look at someone else. Talk about that which you notice that will help to sketch them like a character.

34. Create a situation for your favorite traditions-may it be celebrating an accepted holiday or perhaps a personal ritual.

35. Write a brief story that starts with the ending. For instance, possibly your story is all about a woman who will get lost at ocean after which taken by pirates-only to become pirate herself. Begin the storyline using the girl like a pirate, after which show your readers how she arrived.


36. Lidia Yuknavitch states, “There is really much to gain knowledge from the fringe of things, in the cracks and cuts and fissures of the world, in our hearts.” Write a lyrical essay concerning the cuts and fissures in your heart and just how they’ve brought you to definitely this moment.

37. Write a physical essay about nature without naming the objects you’re covering. For instance, “The towering giants boast cherry-ripe foliage at the moment of the year.”

38. Craft a brief story concerning the final day’s summer time (September 22). ??

39. Try your hands at children’s lit by developing a story for any more youthful audience. Have your primary character become familiar with a valuable existence lesson, and employ these tales for inspiration if you want help!


40. Write a poem about shadows.

41. On Indigenous People’s Day (October 10), write a historic nonfiction essay concerning the native land you are living on. For guiding questions, make use of the Catalyst Project’s worksheet and Resource Generation’s Land Reparations Toolkit and Indigenous Unity Toolkit.

42. Write a tale where a “monster” happens to be a “hero,” or the other way around. This is often either nonfiction or fiction.

43. Both you and your spouse are in home watching a frightening movie once the power is out. Produce a spooky story by what happens next! ??


44. When preparing for losing an hour or so of daylight now (November 6), write a poem about all of your favorite cozy things.

45. Write a tale that starts with your primary character dreaming.

46. In “Braiding Sweetgrass,” Robin Wall Kimmerer writes, “In some Native languages the word for ‘plants’ means ‘those taking proper care of us.’” Within an essay, talk about the way the earth takes care of humanity. Start with an individual anecdote in regards to a time you felt nurtured naturally.

47. Write an initial-person essay which is all about food or perhaps a family recipe.

48. Practice shifting between past and offer tense by writing an essay in regards to a childhood experience that impacts what you are today.


49. Write a poem regarding your favorite seem.

50. Think about winter pastimes. Exactly what do you like most relating to this season? Write a brief essay about this.

51. Constitute your personal holiday poem similar to “Night Before Christmas” (or even the equivalent for the celebrated traditions).

52. Inside your final prompt of the season, write an essay time and forward motion. Start by reflecting around the past, talk about the significance of mindfulness and living in our moment, after which welcome whatever comes next.

Should you write a tale using these writing prompts and you would like to talk about, you can link or paste it within the comments below! ??