Creative White Elephant Gifts for Your Next Christmas Party

The best Christmas gifts involve creativity and being unique. Make them awesome and not be a copycat of usual gift ideas. So, why white elephant gifts?

This is a moment of planning and preparation. You want to be the one surprising everyone at that company Christmas party. Picking something unique will make you stand out. So you need the best white elephant gift for that holiday party. Below are some creative ideas to ponder and pick your preferred gift idea.

Breakfast sandwich maker

Perfect right? First, it’s unique, and no one will anticipate it. Second, it helps your co-worker make a fresh breakfast sandwich. Besides, they can choose their bread and layer on their fixings, e.g., cheese, eggs, precooked meat, and other ingredients.

It assembles a perfect breakfast sandwich in less than five minutes. Everybody loves breakfast, so why not get them something unique!

Banana Nut Bread Candle

The delicious scented candle is all you need. This banana nut bread scent is refreshing and perfectly blended. Besides, the lead-free wick ensures the candle burns excellently.

Coffee Mug Warmer

This is the ideal gift for any office party, most people that wake up and work everyday rely on some source of caffeine to get them through the day. It’s cheaper than getting them something from Danny’s Desks & Chairs, however, a desk and chair might make a better gift. Now, back to the coffee mug warmer. It’s an ideal gift for a company party. This is a valuable gift that will keep colleagues warm and motivated at work. It’s always good to get a white elephant gift that is most useful to the office setting.

In this case, a company needs employees who are motivated to give their best. The coffee mug captures that, ensuring they can take their coffee at the office and keep giving their best.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses

The stylish glasses are a hot gift to give someone special. It captures the Christmas theme and will make the recipient glad. But, unfortunately, this is certainly a gift that will be tempting to steal back.

Expect people to borrow the idea. Few people will think of this, which makes it an original white elephant gift.

Savage Cyanide Debate Game

It’s a suitable gift for an office party. The 100-card set has two decks of cards. The cards have discussion prompting topics that will make an office Christmas party lively and memorable.

The discussion topics cover different areas from dating, sports, religion, etc. This gift will undoubtedly be helpful in future office social events as it sets the mood for a fun night.

Scalp Massager

This gift is colorful, funny looking, and provides pleasure. It’s something to give that colleague who always looks tired or stressed after a long day at work. Definitely sealable!

Self-Care Kit

Many stressed employees will appreciate this self-care kit. It has a cozy hoodie neck pillow, manual head massager, eye mask, travel candle, colored pencils, lavender bar soap, adult coloring book, and a squishy polar bear for relieving stress.

This is an excellent gift to a stressed person or that friend who needs self-care and stress management.

A Chic Swimwear

Swimwear is something that everyone will love for this Christmas. For the ladies, there are many different designs of swimwear. The classic bikini, halter top, stylish tankini top, ruffles suit, plunge suit, trapeze one-piece, and more are great choices for this season. Guys will surely love the classic printed boxer briefs and speedos. This gift is perfect for someone who wants to look trendy while at the pool or beach.

Stanley Classic Flask

A great gift to someone you appreciate. They can keep a stiff drink. It’s designed for booze. The rugged style and leak-proof mouth make it durable. Besides, it’s easy to fill.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Choose a white elephant gift that the person will not only use but will make them happy. It’s time to step out of the simple gifts that people have been sharing for ages. Be original this Christmas.