11 Cuddliest Throw Pillows & Cases For Your Couch!

The Most Popular Cushions & Couch Pillows

An excellent simple method to update our space-whether for season or style-is as simple as adding a throw pillow in some places. Whether putting it in your bed, couch, or floor, a highlight cushion frequently provides warmth, comfort, and the perfect quantity of pizazz.

When you can, obviously, find pillows at big-box stores, the majority are created using unsustainable materials like polyester. Rather, these 11 brands below use natural and recycled materials, well suited for any conscious home. Plus, these throw and couch pillows are mainly artisan-created using designs hailing from West Africa, Argentina, and everywhere among-so you’ll support makers’ livelihoods, too.

Complete the appearance having a cozy throw blanket, then sink directly into your couch.

1. Jungalow

  • Ethics Sustainable & responsibly sourced materials, ethically made, OEKO-TEX certified, gives back
  • Materials Cotton, bamboo viscose, made of woll
  • Perfect For Statement pillows
  • Cost Range $49-$169

For pillows that really ??pop??, Jungalow is our one-stop shop. This lady-owned team from La teams track of artisans and ethical factories all over the world to create unique throw designs to existence, including animal- and Indigenous-inspired styles. You may choose a poly or lower fill when ordering, and worldwide shipping can be obtained. Consider them the right accent pillows.


2. Kiliim

  • Ethics Sustainable & upcycled materials, artisan-produced in Egypt, traditional techniques, social enterprise model, fair trade working conditions
  • Materials Cotton & upcycled made of woll
  • Perfect For Geometric designs
  • Cost Range $60-$95

Kiliim-a undertake the Egyptian word for rug, “kilim”-is really a social enterprise supplying Egyptian craftspeople fair labor and pay. Like several Kiliim products, these pillow covers are handcrafted using traditional techniques and also the yarn is upcycled from local factories in Cairo. Whether you opt for square, rectangular, or perhaps a lumbar-sized cover, you’ll love these wonderful geometric designs.


3. 54kibo

  • Ethics Artisan-designed, sustainable materials, ethically made
  • Materials Cotton
  • Perfect For African-inspired pillows
  • Cost Range $65-$158

54kibo works together with African designers to create diaspora-infused styles towards the masses, together with a type of gorgeous throw pillows. You will find four collections to select from, each using their own flair choose simple Tunisian accent pillows or liven some misconception with West African- or Caribbean-inspired graphic pillows full of color. And every one has one factor in keeping: You’ll love showing them off.


4. Rose Greenberg

  • Ethics Sustainable & upcycled materials, ethically produced in LA
  • Materials Deadstock fabrics, natural materials, & kapok
  • Perfect For Unique shapes
  • Cost Range $200

Rose Greenberg was an LA-based artist and designer who crafted unique comb- and squiggle-formed pillows to permeate. After her tragic passing at the end of 2020, Rose’s community is keeping her legacy alive by ongoing to create these one-of-a-kind sculptured pillows. As these should last, each pillow is created in La using deadstock or vintage fabrics after which full of sustainably sourced kapok. Utilize it like a pseudo-body pillow for additional comfort.


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5. Burrow

  • Ethics Fair Trade certified factories, ethically produced in India & Portugal, responsibly sourced & sustainable materials, traditional techniques
  • Materials Cotton, alpaca made of woll, jute, polyester
  • Perfect For Simple designs
  • Cost Range $59-$225

Burrow became one from the internet’s favorite couches-and you have to the brand’s pillows. The covers are crafted in Fair Trade certified factories, using traditional weaving and embroidering techniques. Some designs have polyester, though there are lots of other sustainable options to select from. Simple colors, designs, and designs that actually work in almost any home. (You can also buy a square insert for any perfect fit.)



  • Ethics Sustainable & responsibly sourced materials, ethically produced by artisans, natural dyes, traditional techniques, fair wages & labor
  • Materials Cotton, merino & alpaca made of woll, silk
  • Perfect For Artisan-made
  • Cost Range $105-$260

Black throw pillows? Ones with white-colored stripes? What about a little gold? MINNA has ‘em all! This small biz teams track of global makers-from Mexico to Peru to Uruguay-for pillows you are able to combine. While they are around the pricier side, MINNA offers artisans fair wages, flexible working hrs, and much more, so these investment pieces goes much farther than simply in your home.


7. Anchal Project

  • Ethics GOTS certified organic & responsibly sourced materials, ethically produced in India, gives back, Fair Trade certified
  • Materials Organic cotton & USA made lower
  • Perfect For Art deco designs
  • Cost Range $49-$112

Bring a little glam for your space with Anchal Project’s art-deco pillows! Alongside other modern designs, these artisan pillows are created with GOTS certified organic cotton covers and full of a USA-made feather or duck lower insert. On top of that, they’re stitched together in Ajmer, India, honoring the region’s wealthy textile background and supplying women artisans with fair labor and wages.


8. Sabai

  • Ethics Recycled & upcycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, repair & replace program, made-to-order, ethically made
  • Materials Recycled velvet or upcycled poly, plastic
  • Perfect For Velvet pillows
  • Cost Range $48

Velvety soft pillows which are eco-friendly and cost-effective? Thanks, Sabai! This sustainable brand recycles velvet and polyester for outer covers and uses plastic bottle fibers for filling. The pillows are as low impact as possible. Obtainable in eight swoon-worthy colors including dusty rose and seafoam eco-friendly, you’ll love this particular luxurious upgrade.


9. Territory Design

  • Ethics Organic & sustainable materials, ethically produced by artisans, traditional techniques
  • Materials Organic made of woll, cotton, cactus fibers
  • Perfect For Neutral colors
  • Cost Range $85-$145

Launched by two buddies who met in graduate school, Territory Design is really a decor brand mixing style and sustainability for that modern home. This marketplace offers from textured to striped designs, in neutral colors which will suit any style. Each one is ethically and responsibly made using traditional techniques and natural fibers in family-run spaces.


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10. Meggy & Me

  • Ethics Small batch, natural materials, some artisan-made
  • Materials Cotton & made of woll
  • Perfect For Tassel & fringe
  • Cost Range £24.99-£50.99

Meggy & Use is a mom-and-daughter team in the United kingdom (Meggy’s the daughter, and Leah mom). This online boutique stocks goods created using natural, sustainable fibers, like cotton and made of woll for pillows. A number of these throw cushions are artisan-made, such as the pom-pom designs woven on Moroccan looms. Select from only the cover or add an insert for any simple, straightforward experience. Meggy & Me delivers worldwide from the London HQ.


11. Pampa

  • Ethics Ethically produced by artisans, traditional techniques, responsibly sourced & natural materials, gives back
  • Materials Made of woll, cotton, recycled fiber inserts
  • Perfect For Round cushions
  • Cost Range $160-$370 AUD

Aussie-based Pampa really wants to ensure traditional techniques aren’t forgotten inside a more industrialist world. That is why it taps rural communities for a variety of artisan products, such as these cushions and throws from Argentina. Each is hand crafted, some woven on looms yet others stitched in mix-hatch patterns they’re then full of eco-friendly fibers. Your own favorites would be the round cushions with pom poms-a method both children and adults will like.