9 Cutie Coasters For Your Coffee Table!

So That You Can Keep The Surfaces Safe

You will find couple of things more annoying than water stains and table rings-you realize those. That is why we’re all #TeamCoaster here! Plus, many coasters nowadays are not only functional they’re downright chic.

From countertop to tabletop, listed here are our favorites created using sustainable materials, crafted by artisans, and made to last for your forthcoming decade of drinks and dinner get-togethers (and beyond).

Is the table far too late? Listed here are the most popular sustainable a coffee table.

1. Andrew Molleur

  • Located In Kingston, NY
  • Ethics Artisan-made, sustainable materials, made-to-order in the united states
  • Materials Porcelain & cork
  • Cost $34 for some four

Coasters you really want to demonstrate? It’s possible! Andrew Molleur’s porcelain and cork coasters are dually inspired naturally and architecture. Each group of four-obtainable in two options, solid sand or swirly carrara-is created-to-order, only for you (as well as your piping cold or hot beverage).


  • 2. Arra David & Anne Manley
  • Located In Windham, NH
  • Ethics Artisan-made, reclaimed & recycled materials, made in the united states
  • Materials Reclaimed granite, glass, & foam
  • Cost $42 for some two

Consider your wine aficionado? Then you’ll love this coaster set from Arra David and Anne Manley. The set includes two stemless white-colored wine glasses, two wine chilling gemstones, and 2 coasters produced from recycled granite countertops. Plus, these coasters are distinctively made to stop your drink from tipping. (If you are much more of a whiskey drinker, there is a coaster for your, too!)


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3. Areaware

  • Located In Brooklyn, NY
  • Ethics Artisan-made, sustainable materials
  • Materials Beechwood, cork, MDF wood
  • Cost $20 for some six

Areaware, a present and residential accessories brand from Brooklyn, teams track of independent designers to create their suggestions to existence. Which means every item created is different towards the brand, such as these tile coasters from Bower Studios. The six coasters could be arranged in many ways, just like a 3D tabletop mosaic. Discuss a discussion piece.



  • Located In National City, CA
  • Ethics Artisan-produced in Uganda, fair trade, carbon-neutral shipping
  • Materials Raffia, sisal, & blueberry fibers, organic dyes
  • Cost $26-$98 for some four

KAZI’s mission would be to offer gainful employment, training, and fair wages for local artisans across Africa. These Ugandan coasters are created with sustainable materials available nearby-like sisal and blueberry fibers-then dyed with in your area sourced inks. The end result? Nearly 24 coaster sets with gorgeous designs, wealthy colors, or even a couple of with fringe.


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  • Located In Jacksonville, NC
  • Ethics Artisan-made, biodegradable & sustainable fibers, made in the united states, carbon-neutral shipping
  • Materials Cotton & linen
  • Cost $13.75-$14.75 for some four

SUZUYA, located in Jacksonville, New York, offers mats, napkins, and coasters stitched from eco-friendly materials. These linen and cotton coasters, that can come in teams of four, are minimalist, quick-drying, and fully biodegradable. We don’t what you think, but we’ll be grabbing these simple coasters for the dinner get-togethers-they add the perfect touch of class.


6. Hawkins New You are able to

  • Located In Hudson, NY
  • Ethics Artisan-made, sustainable materials, ethically produced in Kenya
  • Materials Leather & glass
  • Cost $48 for some four

Couple of situations are more confusing compared to “whose glass is that this?” debate, and that’s why Hawkins New You are able to produced its beaded coasters to every look slightly different! This leather set is hand crafted solely with a women’s collective in Kenya, and each is carried out with traditional African beading. Obtainable in 1 of 3 colors, all adorned with mix patterns!

SHOP HAWKINS NEW You are able to

7. Thai Home Shop

  • Located In Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ethics Artisan-made, sustainable materials, ethically handwoven in Thailand, carbon-neutral shipping
  • Materials Rattan fibers
  • Cost $19.90-$23.90 for some four

Through its handicrafts, Thai Home Shop supplies a secondary earnings to local maqui berry farmers and upon the market communities in Thailand. Which woven coaster sets typically produced from rattan are the most breathtaking we’ve seen-particularly the floating edges that hold your drink in position. (Hint: They are lovely house warming gifts.)


8. Graf Lantz

  • Located In La, CA
  • Ethics Sustainable materials, made in the united states, low waste
  • Materials Felt made of woll
  • Cost $24 for some four

La-based Graf Lantz designer is about Merino made of woll-for coasters-for a simple reason: Naturally hydrophobic, felt made of woll is a perfect material to keep your tabletops dry. These coasters are inspired by “Bierfilzl,” or traditional felt beer coasters, so they’re also very durable and high-duty. Grab your group of four in chromatic colors!


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9. Shaun Davis

  • Located In Philadelphia, PA
  • Ethics Artisan-made, reclaimed materials, made in the united states
  • Materials Reclaimed records
  • Cost $18 for some six

Music-enthusiasts will like these coasters from Shaun Davis. Produced from actual vinyl records, you’ll receive some six from various music genres-an unexpected well worth the wait. And never fear, each disc is sealed so condensation won’t leak through. Hand crafted in Philadelphia, this really is upcycling at its finest.