7 Reusable Menstrual Pads (If You’d Rather Not Use A Cup)

For Any Zero-Waste Period Routine

If you are not keen on cups or tampons, menstrual pads are a highly effective solution for the periods. Although not all pads are created equal! Menstruators can spend 1000s of dollars over their lifetimes with regards to disposable pads, and also the materials used can agitate our intimate parts. (Guess what happens we mean!)

For any cost-effective alternative that’s gentle in your body (and also the planet), take a look at these multiple-use pads you can use within the lengthy term. And save money, time, and hassle-to be able to concentrate on self-care in that duration of the month.

If you are searching to help make the switch from pads, take a look at these menstrual cups, organic and natural tampons, and sturdy period under garments! Feel supported all period lengthy, nevertheless, you prefer.

1. Aisle

  • Produced From Organic cotton & recycled polyester
  • Available Sizes Small, maxi, super
  • Cost $16-$22 for just one

Aisle is really a certified B Corp that’s been revolutionizing menstrual hygiene in excess of 2 decades. Blending sustainability and effectiveness, Aisle’s multiple-use pads are ethically crafted in Vancouver using organic cotton and recycled polyester. The winged pads can be found in a number of sizes, patterns, and capacities for whatever your flow is. If you are unsure how to start, you can test their matchmaker quiz to help you.


2. Ruby Love

  • Produced From Cotton & cashmere made of woll
  • Available Sizes Medium flow
  • Cost $19.50 for 2-pack multi-packs available

Avoid leaks, itches, and noticeable odors with Ruby Love’s double-sided pads. When one for reds will get full, the dri-tech mesh enables you to definitely simply switch for hrs of added protection. Because they’re created using natural materials, this plastic-free pad won’t irritate your nether-regions whatsoever. Obtainable in two- through 12-packs, these are the least expensive multiple-use pads available.


3. Rael

  • Produced From Certified organic cotton
  • Available Sizes Petite to overnight
  • Cost $34-$44 for 3-pack

For menstrual pads you should use over and over (as much as 120 occasions, actually!), take a look at Rael. These pads are created with five ultra-absorbent layers of certified organic cotton and covered with recyclable packaging, sans the harmful chemicals or carcinogens you will probably find in mainstream pads. Rael also donates menstrual products to individuals in need of assistance in La via ongoing partnerships.


4. Hannah Pad

  • Produced From Certified organic cotton
  • Available Sizes Pantyliners to overnight
  • Cost $13.99-$36.99 CAD for just one multi-packs available

Initially from Canada, Hannah Pad really wants to make both periods and also the planet more happy using their certified organic pads. From “thongliners” to “super ultra overnights”, these can help you stay (literally) covered during your entire cycle plus they last for approximately 4 years at any given time. That’s our type of sustainability! If you are USA-based, you may also order through their American website.


5. GladRags

  • Produced From Organic cotton
  • Available Sizes Pantyliners to overnight
  • Cost $12.49-$29.49 for just one multi-packs available

GladRags’ cloth pads would be the perfect option to disposables, holding the equivalent bloodstream as regular pads. Made with wings and refillable inserts, GladRags are hand crafted in Or using organic and natural cotton. With regular care, you are able to keep these maxi pads for 5 years. If you are completely new to cloth pads, read this thorough introduction with tailored recommendations and responses to the most typical questions.


6. Homestead Emporium

  • Produced From Bamboo and/or cotton
  • Available Sizes Light to heavy flow
  • Cost $6.54-$16.77 for just one multi-packs available

Homestead Emporium is really a family business from Saskatchewan in Canada offering everyday multiple-use products, including scrunchies, pads, and tissues. Each pair is a-of-a-kind handsewn from bamboo and/or cotton there’s also a large number of sizes and absorbencies to select from. Inclusively designed and sustainably made-we like how plush and thoughtful these multiple-use pads are.


7. Bamboo House

  • Produced From Cotton and bamboo
  • Available Sizes Light through abundant
  • Cost £8.90-£9.90 for just one multi-packs available

United kingdom readers, Bamboo House is an excellent one-stop look for zero waste goods for the everyday needs, including sanitary pads! These odor-free pads are created with organic cotton and biodegradable bamboo, so they’re much better and also the atmosphere. Choose from the dozen colorful designs or as much as 20 pads at the same time, based on your requirements. You may also grab a small-storage bag when ever you’re on-the-go.