How to Change the Pointer Speed in Android

Nowadays, our Android phones are our constant buddies (unless of course you’re an Apple user). We can’t think one minute searching at our smartphones. Browsing something on the web, connecting with buddies via social systems- everything can be achieved via our Android phone effortlessly. But regrettably, the majority of us have no idea the correct functions and lots of interesting options from the Android phones.

Are you aware why Android phones are popular among a lot of us? It’s all due to the simple functionalities and simple modules from the operating-system.

A couple of days ago, I had been personally stumped with a question – how you can alter the pointer speed from the Android phone. Becoming an enthusiastic user of Android, I tested a lot of things on Android however i recognized I did not know the solution to this. That is why I figured I ought to talk about it after i finally found the solution.

Pointer speed: Pointer speed refers back to the sensitivity from the screen whenever you touch the screen and do various activities making use of your fingers. It’s exactly the same idea of the trackball of your mouse on your computer. Modifying this speed is important when doing another thing aside from regular mobile use.

How you can alter the pointer speed of the Android phone

If you work with an Android phone getting OS 5.1 Lollipop or greater, here’s how to change your pointer speed.

Step One: The initial step really is easy. The procedure begins with the “Menu” option around the desltop of the smartphone.

Tap around the “Menu” along with a list will pop from it. There you will notice a choice known as “Settings”. Tap with that option.

After you have drawn on around the “settings”, an in depth list which includes a couple of options can look before you.

Step Two: Choose the option known as “language and keyboard”. Another screen can look. Keep scrolling lower.

Step Three: A choice labeled “pointer speed” can look. Tap with that and alter the sensitivity from the pointer speed.

Note: Pulling the sensitivity left lessens the speed while pulling it right boosts the speed from the pointer.

Remember, 50%- 60% may be the optimum for that users. If you’re playing an initial-person shooter game or FIFA, then you may want to boost the pointer speed to complement the atmosphere from the game.

That’s it. A novice or beginner can perform this with no further help buddies. Stop us informed should you hget stuck anywhere.

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