Caitlyn Jenner Net worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Caitlyn Jenner’s net worth?

Net Worth: $100 Million
Age: 71
Born: October 28, 1949
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Olympian/Television Personality
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Caitlyn Jenner’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $100 million.

Caitlyn Marie Jenner, born William Bruce Jenner, is definitely an American upon the market Olympic gold athlete and tv star, from New You are able to. She initially acquired recognition when she won the Olympic games decathlon in Montreal, 1976.

Following the career like a famous Olympic star, she altered her career into television, film, and writing. Presently, she is renowned for her being released a comment like a transgender lady.

Early Existence

Caitlyn Marie Jenner born William Bruce Jenner was created in Mount Kisco, New You are able to around the 28th of October, 1949. She’s two siblings Pam and Lisa. Her father was an arborist, as well as in 1976 her brother Burt was wiped out inside a vehicle accident in Canton, Connecticut.

After Jenner’s success to be an Olympic star, she got identified as having dyslexia. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are a couple of of her kids that they had together with her earlier wife, Kris Jenner, and in addition they star within the reality show Checking up on the Kardashians.

Jenner attended Sleepy Hollow Senior High School in New You are able to on her newcomer year.

When she experienced her junior and senior year she attended Newtown Senior High School. She would be a effective football player in her own senior year but needed to quit because she had a knee injuries. Following the injuries, she was brought to the decathlon.

In Iowa 1970, she’d her debut using the decathlon, where she placed fifth.


Jenner was the American champion in decathlon 1974 and it was featured within the magazine Track & Field News exactly the same year. When she was on tour in 1975 she won in france they national title but got a gold medal in Pan American Games.

Jenner made an appearance around the sports magazine Sports Highlighted 1976, as well as on the coverage of Playgirl Magazine. Over these years she was noted for a really effective decathlon champion.

Television and movie career

Jenner appeared inside a comedy Can’t Steer Clear Of The Music (1980), which received lots of critics, and led to her being nominated within the Golden Rasberry Awards for Worst Actor.

Her career being an actress grew to become more effective when she appeared in Grambling’s White-colored Tiger (1981) as well as an Olympic Love Story (1980).

In August 2015 Jenner won the Social Networking Queen in the Teen Choice Awards. She also made an appearance in Glamour Magazine to be the Lady of the season, calling her a “Trans Champion”.

She’s made an appearance in a number of reality shows and game shows, including starring with Grits Gresham in a single episode of ABC’s The American Sportsperson. Since late 2007 Jenner has appeared in E! as well as Checking up on the Kardashians together with her wife Kris Jenner.

Within an interview in 2015, Caitlyn arrived on the scene like a trans lady, stating that she’d worked with gender dysphoria since she would be a kid. She entered outfitted for several years. Jenner had plastic surgery and sex reassignment more than a year ago now.

She is renowned for being the favourite freely transgender lady on the planet, after her being released in 2015. She’s a example for that Gay and lesbian-community.


Here are the best popular features of Caitlyn Jenner’s career:

  • Filmography
  • The Golden Moment (1980)
  • Can’t Steer Clear Of The Music (1980)
  • Checking Up On The Kardashians (2007-)
  • The Hungover Games (2014)
  • I’m Cait (2015-)
  • The Trans List (2016)
  • Decathlon career and Awards
  • USA Outside Track And Field Titles (first place, 1974, National Event)
  • Pan American Games (first place, 1975, Mexico)
  • Olympics (first place, 1976, Canada)
  • U . s . States Olympic Trials (first place, 1976, National Event)

Other highlights

  • The Strategies of My Existence (A magazine Jenner rote which was available on the market 2017)
  • ESPY Awards (Jenner were built with a moving speech, 2015)
  • Teen Choice Awards (Social Networking Queen, 2015)

Favorite Quotes from Caitlyn Jenner

“Sexuality is who you are personally attracted to… But gender identity is who you are in your soul.” – Caitlyn Jenner

“I’m just going to go live life. I’m going to go enjoy life. I have nothing left to hide. I am kind of a free person, a free soul.” – Caitlyn Jenner

“So many people go through life, and they never deal with their own issues, no matter what the issues are – ours happen to be gender identity. But, how many people go through life and just waste an entire life ’cause they’d never deal with themselves to be who they are.” – Caitlyn Jenner

“If you’re going to dedicate every second to winning the decathlon, what are you doing wasting your time in bed?” – Caitlyn Jenner

“We have a rich tradition here in the United States of great decathletes, which is amazing ’cause we have absolutely no program to develop these guys. Zero. There’s nothing. They do it on their own, just like I did back in ’76.” – Caitlyn Jenner

3 Success Training from Caitlyn Jenner

Now you know about Caitlyn Jenner’s internet worth, and just how she achieved success let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from her:

1. Don’t impose labels on others

We have to pay attention to people and prevent providing them with a label. We have to address people how they ask to become addressed.

2. Support Of Loved Ones Is Essential

Love is unconditional and all sorts of people should be loved and revered by themselves for who they really are, simple.

3. Trans lives matter

The trans community has an advanced of suicide, being homeless, and murder. Systemic changes should be made, we have to understand and offer the trans community. It’s our responsibility to help make the world a far more accepting place.


Caitlyn Jenner is among the most influential figures on several levels.

Jenner would be a effective athlete during the 70’s having a big secret, which has now completely altered her existence.

She’s and can forever be considered a example for that Gay and lesbian-community. Caitlyn Jenner’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $100 million.

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