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BTS’s Company Denies Marriage Rumors Involving RM

Recently, rumors of RM’s matrimony to your low-celebrity surfaced using one web site. One netizen (hereby called “A”) published, “I acquired a phone call from a junior colleague who may be seven years younger than me declaring, ‘I’m marrying RM.’ She’s from your exclusive college along with a decent family members. I noticed that she met RM in a fan getting together with between 2015 and 2014.”

“A” also unveiled texts she traded along with her junior colleague who stated, “I can’t tell you the precise day, but he’s a celebrity. It is nevertheless a hypersensitive time, so just make it to yourself. [The bridegroom-to-be] is the leader of BTS.”

The YouTube funnel Sojang, which in the past introduced the connection among Seo Taeji and Lee Ji Ah, also noted that RM is getting ready for marriage. They commented, “When requested when he wishes to get married, he stated at the grow older 32 or 33. He’s at the moment 29 years, so that means he would like to get hitched quickly.”

Responding, Big Success Audio explained, “RM’s marital life rumors are groundless. We are continuously getting action against malicious rumours that moving on You tube.”